Welcome to the Impact50 48 hour film challenge

It's SUPER simple to be part of the Impact in 48 challenge.

Sign up below for information on the 48 Hour Challenge NOW...

1. Write a script or option a script that has been submitted.

2. Enter your name, team name and other details HERE.

3. Start prepping your production.

4. You will be contacted by the team via phone before the challenge to answer any questions and pay the £20 entry fee.

5. You will be given ONE line of dialogue to include in your film one hour before the challenge begins.

6. Shoot and edit your film between 6pm on Friday the 19th and 6.00pm on Sunday the 21st of July (UK time).

7. Upload an edit BEFORE the deadline of 6.00pm on Sunday the 21st of July (UK time).

8. You will get feedback on your film and will be invited to make changes before submitting a final version at the end of August.

9. Judging will begin. Winners will be announced at the Awards and Premiere on 2020.

10. If your film is considered for inclusion in the final feature film, you will be asked for all your media, footage and sound etc. Read the guidelines HERE.

11. Please take behind the scenes photos. And write us a blog about your experience.


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