The Impact50 Is Currently In Assessment and Post Production

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Impact50… The Edit Continues…

We are deep into the edit of Impact50 now and hoping to have a completed cut by the end of the year.


More ‘concept album’ than ‘playlist’, the building of a feature film from all the films submitted is taking some management, creativity and occasionally flashes of inspiration.  


But it’s looking really great!


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Taking The Impact out of Life’s A Beach by Mark Hampton

Every film made for a Create50 has two potential lives. First and foremost, each film takes its place in the final Create50 film, making its way to a big screen alongside the work of other filmmakers in a celebration of creative collaboration.


The second life is as a standalone film, allowing the filmmakers to send their film out into the world through festivals, social media, short film platforms - whatever. Watch the original version HERE.


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Out With A Bang... By Emma Baggott

An asteroid is about to hit earth, destroying all life. With only 97 minutes left until impact, Chloe and Daniel decide to lose their virginity to each other.


Unfortunately, it doesn't last as long as expected, and they must endure a rather awkward 5 minutes as they wait for the final bang. 


We wanted to try juxtaposing this challenge by writing and creating a comedy. We had a few different ideas, but this seemed the most simple and relatable. We were able to really explore the characters in just a few moments of dialogue because the impact of what these two had done makes them so vulnerable.


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