Impact50 Updates… The Film Challenge Is Open!

Join our Social Media Thunderclap here for the launch of The Impact50 film challenge next week.


Feature filmmaking is an intensely laborious and slow process… and The Impact50 hasn’t bucked that trend! But we are SUPER EXCITED to announce the next major phase in the process is about to launch!

So… April 19th is the date we launch!

The new Impact50 website is now up and pretty much 100% there. Check it out here

A few films have been produced in the beta phase and are now live on the site for viewing and leaving feedback. Watch them on the films page here…

There is no official closing date for Impact50 just yet though we will lock one in over the next few weeks.

Joe Eszterhas’ opening script for the film will also go live in a few weeks too (we will make a song and dance about it).

So now what we need you to do is join our Social Media Thunderclap to officially launch the Impact50 film challenge on April 19th. You can do that HERE and it will take 20 seconds…

OK so join the Thunderclap, spread the word about The Impact50, choose to make a film if you can and watch some films (leaving your feedback for the filmmakers).

Chris Jones

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  • #1

    Scott Young (Friday, 14 April 2017 01:20)

    Great news, but I'm curious why you didn't wait two more days? The timeline established on the original Create50 site says the meteor crashes down on April 21, 2017... I would have thought you'd try to somehow tie in with that.

  • #2

    Chris Jones (Friday, 14 April 2017 10:34)

    Hey Scott, we are so focused on the launch we didn't spot the connection!