Sing, Mommy! by Scott Young

It occurred to me that so many people don't know how difficult editing really is.


Here's a screen shot from a 40-second video that will only be seen on a smart phone when we actually shoot the full film this weekend.


I've invested at least 16-hours in making this video clip look like it's a FaceTime call that comes up on that smart phone.

All the stuff you see in pink, green and other colors under the actual image of the video footage comprises all the little details that make up the finished video... like the images of the buttons you would see on your iPhone if you were using FaceTime, or the phone status bar at the top of the image with signal bars, time and battery strength. And they all have to be placed carefully and precisely.

You can't imagine the detail work in something so simple. And don't even get me started on audio... Special thanks to Kai Nadalin, the son of my good friend Ed Nadalin, for appearing in this short video clip that plays such a major part in the film it was made for, and to Tracey Parsons for writing the amazing script I'm shooting this coming weekend, and to Mike Wiencek for once again letting me use his house to shoot in.


SING, MOMMY! is going to be an amazing entry into The Impact project, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out after we shoot on Saturday.


And one more really special thanks to fellow filmmaker and good friend Natalia Filson for being my co-producer on this one. I feel so much better knowing you'll be right there for the duration.

Scott Young.