Thanking The Writers by Scott Young

I have been sitting here tonight contemplating The Impact and all the amazing writers whose screenplays are out there now ready to be produced.


And I've also been contemplating the writers I've worked with, thus far, and have concluded that I feel humbled to be in the presence of such great talent.


As a writer myself, I know the work you put into your winning scripts, as it's the same work I put into my own projects - hey, I actually DID enter the writing component of The Impact, but didn't place anywhere... probably because I already knew 2-years ago that I really wanted to get into the production component and dig my heels in there.

I did a batch of screen captures of the temporary credits for all the writers whose scripts I've been involved with producing, thus far; two directed by friend and fellow filmmaker Natalia Filson, two directed by myself, and one co-directed by the two of us, which was great fun. I still have three more to direct and one more to co-produce in the coming months.


By posting these credits, I'm thanking these writers for creating such wonderful words that I've had the honor of being attached to. Jane, Phil, Kim, Richard and Tracey... you're the real stars of The Impact... you and the other 45 writers who made it into the Winning 50. And finally, there's Chris Jones, our glorious leader on this wild adventure. I want to thank him for being the pillar of patience with this obnoxious, pushy, sarcastic and sometimes unfriendly American whose been pestering him for months on all sorts of subjects.


The fact that you still write replies to my emails makes me feel amazing. You have been there to listen to me bitch about things, to answer every question I've thrown at you and to offer some pretty incredible advice when I've needed it the most. I think I knew I had an ally in you when you answered a message from me while you were stuck in traffic. :D


The next full year is going to very interesting. Probably very frustrating at times, enjoyable and rewarding at others... but still interesting at the end of the day.


Goodnight everyone. And thank you for allowing me to ramble on so…

Scott Young.