Help Cera Rose Pickering Hit Her Goal on IndieGoGo for Impact50 film Daddy’s Fort

Long term supporter of Impact50 and Create50, and super talented screenwriter and actress Cera Rose Pickering is taking control of her own destiny and producing her own Impact50 screenplay.


She has a cast and crew in place and needs only raise the final £800 for production. I have just backed it and if you would like to back it too, here’s the link…

Create50 team member Vanessa Bailey also posted a blog on crowdfunding if you are thinking of running one for your Impact50 project – she’s run five successful ones and so she has plenty of insights to offer. You can read it here…


And as a strategy, I 100% recommend making an Impact50 film, no matter how resource strapped you feel. It’s ALL about the experience, learning and possibilities.


So… Go on, chuck a fiver or more in this project, pay it forward, it always comes back.


Chris Jones


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