Impact50 Website Update… New look and star ratings!

At the heart of Create50 is the idea that we ALL win because we create, get feedback, create relationships, offer feedback and grow. It’s TRULY about the taking part.

We have spent the day revamping the Impact50 website so that it’s much easier to watch, rate and leave feedback on films.

We have introduced a star rating widget. Wait, what?

We have done this as the very bottom line, we get twice as much engagement and views when we have star ratings.

To be clear, the star ratings will NOT impact the judging process. It simply gameifies the process making it more ‘fun’. So more people get involved.

Right now we have our rep in Cannes negotiating with a major sales agent who LOVES the concept of The Impact, they love Olivia as the president… And we need to make sure that the films produced will be equally loved.

So it’s time to start watching films and leaving feedback.

And inviting filmmakers to the site to see if they want to get involved.

So jump in and have a look at the films HERE.

We still have a few website niggles to iron out, but we are very close to it being updated.

Do leave feedback below.

Chris Jones

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    Enni (Friday, 11 May 2018 21:53)

    Hmm, there are no unsubmitted films anymore. Need to hurry to submit mine ))