How to Recut Your Movie... Mini Masterclass in Under Ten Minutes!

Looking back to learn lessons from the past...


As part of 50 Kisses, we invited filmmakers to act on feedback from the community.

One filmmaking team, Sweet Home Films in LA, made their film over 20% shorter, fixed some audio problems and overall radically improved their work. Watch the first submitted edit below...


Above is the first cut which, like so many filmmakers also did, they submitted to 50 Kisses as their final edit – with the feedback and the time to reflect, they recut their film and improved it.


The lesson here for us all is to seek credible feedback BEFORE we complete – and for Impact50 filmmakers, almost every film we have seen could be improved.


You have gone so far already, you should go the distance right?


OK, if you have not already done so, watch the first cut above now… Than read the notes below…


Have you watched the film yet? Go on, it’s worth it, really – watch BEFORE reading the notes to see if you feel the way I did.


OK, here were my notes on the edit that I left after the closing deadline and in the recut month of grace…

  • Lovely performances building on a very personal script.
  • Could be 25% shorter, look at what chunks of dialogue you could drop.
  • Long shot looking into bathroom is awkward edit at 1:07
  • Can you change dialogue audio perspective when camera in hallway, make if feel more authentic again at 1:07
  • Flashback too long and self indulgent
  • Trim, trim…trim!
  • Repeat dialogue from start but at end to echo the endless nature of her condition

And here is the recut…



Can you see just how much better it has become, tighter, more fluid, how you don’t miss those trimmed 50 seconds? Consider this when cutting your films, they can almost always be tighter and will be better for it.

Remember, filmmaking is the art of saying the most with the least.


And if you are interested, below is the Directors Commentary that we produced for the DVD release of 50 Kisses, with Evan discussing how he made the film. This film also won the Best Film Award in 50 Kisses too.



Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones

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  • #1

    Scott Young (Saturday, 19 May 2018 23:29)

    Another great example of good notes and effective re-editing. To balance out this and the previous example, can you give us an example of a film that still made it into 50 Kisses, but the filmmaker perhaps disagreed with some of your comments and didn't make all the changes that were suggested?

    Also, way back... I forget when... you referenced a film that the filmmakers almost didn't submit because it had problems (I think it was audio?) they felt were too great to overcome, but the Create50 team took over and helped save that film, and it went on to be included in 50 Kisses. Can you share that one with us, too? I've been curious about it ever since you first mentioned it.

  • #2

    Chris Jones (Monday, 21 May 2018 10:05)

    All the films and scripts are still on the 50 Kisses website for you to go through.

    Ultimately we have editorial right, and if the filmmaker does not agree we cannot include the film. Happily everyone has agreed the rework is an improvement.