Impact50 Phase 2… Important Update, dates and deadlines

At best, Phase 2 is now on hold. At worst, cancelled altogether. After yesterday I have decided to reassess our vision for Impact50.


I am going to post a number of short blogs so that we can deconstruct where we are and what will happen next.


Rules and Guidelines

It has become very clear that many people did not and have not read all the rules and guidelines (HERE).

Vicky, who works with me on Impact50, regularly brings to my attention complaints or issues that simply would not arise had participants informed themselves of the rules and guidelines. Some are astonishing.


One issue that comes up regularly is the ‘two minute running time rule’ and how some films are three or four minutes long. That rule does not exist. Never has. Never will. Whilst the scripts were limited to two pages, people have wrongly assumed that means a two-minute film restriction.


Another issue is that of ‘goalposts’ moving.


So to be totally clear, and I may be wrong on this and do let me know if I have forgotten something, but here are what could be considered ‘goal posts’ moving.


  1. We ended up with 55 scripts and not 50 as intended.
  2. Deadlines for the script and filmmaking stages moved, slipped and extended.

Here’s what it says on the Notes For Filmmakers on the Rules and Guidelines Page…


The biggest note is that deadlines and some rules and guides are likely to change. This is because a film is an organically growing process and we want to make the best possible end result. If you cannot accept that there will be some changes, you should consider whether this is the project for you. Also, please remember we are a small team, so rather than asking us to correct a mistake you have made, get it right BEFORE submitting.


Some context here. One filmmaker demanded we remove their films after they were unhappy. So we did. Then they demanded we remove blogs they wrote. So we did. A few weeks later they said they wanted back in. So we re-loaded all the stuff they insisted we remove. A few months later, they again demanded we remove their films and blogs. So we did. A week or so after that they wanted their films re-instated yet again. So we did. Next time I will have a rule that removing a script or film from the process is final. Never in my wildest dreams would I suspect that we would have to deal with this kind of high-maintenance behaviour.


I get that deadlines moving is frustrating. But I learned to keep things fluid on 50 Kisses for lots of reasons. These moves are frustrating for us all. I just want this to be done and dusted now. Right now around five films are ‘in the wind’, where filmmakers have requested extensions for all manner of reasons, and I have chosen to allow that*


Dates And Deadlines
Moving forward and for total clarity.


All films MUST be uploaded by May 31st, midnight UK time (that is a cut, no matter how rough, think 'work in progress'). After that no new entrants will be allowed. The initiative will then be formally closed to new entrants. *With the exception of the handful of filmmakers who have contacted me and asked for an extension.


There is a grace period of one month where filmmakers can get feedback on their films from the community. We will endeavour to leave feedback ourselves also but I am not promising it due to our being a very small, busy team.


Entries will be closed fully on June 30th midnight UK time. We will also have total clarity about any potential phase 2, should it happen, before that date.


Feedback On Films

I would say every film could be improved by tightening the edit, better grading, better sound, cutting/adjusting some unconvincing acting etc. Audiences and judges will not take into account ‘how hard it was’, ‘how little money you had’, ‘how your resources were stretched’. All films have to deliver a high quality end result.


And to anticipate the next conversation, this is in the rules… ‘We do not expect all 50 scripts to be successfully produced to the standard required for the final version of The Impact 50, though hope that they are.’


So… Recut, remix, refine… Make your entry the best it can be. It CAN be better than it is currently.


And now is the time to post on Facebook and Social media about your films, and ideally all of the films. One comment on the last blog said... I'm not sure I like the insinuation that some people have done comparatively little when they have made the final stages like it's a fault or they're not pulling their weight – there's no ‘contract’ to do anything, no expectation. I refer you to rule 20 of the rules HERE.


On a personal note, wouldn’t it be awesome if all participants could now watch all of the submitted films and leave authentic feedback to help the filmmakers achieve the best quality they can?


Tracey Parsons raised the point of Response Bias. The idea that somehow commenting negatively will remove a film or filmmaker from the process at the judging stage. Let me be TOTALLY clear. We are desperate for the best films. I do not mind what you say (as long as you remain polite and do not abuse my team or others in the community). That’s what this forum is for. Speak up, or be silent. There is no response bias. I know many won’t believe me. I wish you could sit with me and Vicky when we attempt to piece this film together. The ONLY thing that is judged is the work.


For total clarity. The only thing that is judged is the work.


Chinese whispers…
We appear to have a few self-appointed ‘spokespeople’ who suggest they speak for others. Can we stop that right now? Speak up for yourself, for your team and project. The problem with any spokesperson is they have other agendas, even if they think they don’t, even if they think they are ‘right’ and the emails I get suggest they are speaking for all entrants, many entrants or lots of entrants. So no more Chinese whispers please, direct contact and posting on the forums, in the right place and at the right time, or the comments get jumbled and unfocussed. Moving forward if you leave comments on a post that says 'I think this and several people have emailed me saying the same thing but don't want to post it'... Then I will remove the whole comment. This is rumour, hearsay and gossip that is selectively edited to amplify one persons agenda.



This weekend was a holiday here in the UK. I received a number of personal attacks and wholly inappropriate messages. I have a family. My team has families. Moving forward, unless we are friends outside of Create50, the only way to contact me, or the team, is via a form HERE. I won’t read or respond to any messages except via that form, and more likely a team-member will respond and I wont even see it. I have been repeatedly kicked in the teeth by a small group of people. That’s over.



I was threatened yesterday. Any more threats against me, the team, filmmakers or writers in the community and that person and their work will be removed from the process. It’s really not cool.


I closed the thread yesterday because we were going round in circles and getting lost in personal opinion, misinformation and the likes.


So please comment below on THIS topic only … I will be removing any off topic comments.  And and 'hearesay comments' will be deleted too.


There will be time to discuss Phase 2, and the overall concept of Impact50 in the coming days, after the deadline has passed and we all have sight of the uploaded films, as well as any other issues we face, but we need to find a bedrock to move forward from where we all agree.  


Chris Jones