Impact50... Time to choose on what is next

So the big question for Impact50… What is it and what do we do now the filmmaking challenge has closed?


One member of the community sent me an email saying in their view that The Impact50 ‘is a competition specifically for amateur writers and film-makers’ and trying to make it more than that would be a mistake.


Others have shared this view, to varying degrees, and of course with varying opinions of what is good enough, or not, to be inlcuded. In many ways it's moot as it's now up to the judges who will, I am certain be fearsome and direct in their choices.

So to be 100% clear from my end, while many of us work on this project unpaid, technically making us amateur I suppose, my ambition is that our film is not amateurish. I don’t want to ruffle feathers, but if Impact50 is to have any life beyond the premiere and on online upload to YouTube, we need to consider and confront what it really is.




In bold, at the head of the proposition for Impact50 on the website (and from day one) it states… The best of the final films will be edited together to make an extraordinary feature film for cinema, TV and online.


The filmmaking phase began with the headline… We have 50 world class scripts. Can YOU make one into a short film?


That does not sound like an amateur challenge to me. I certainly never thought I was running an amateur filmmaking contest.


Of course it does not preclude anyone having a go, no matter their experience. And we encourage that as Create50 is all about taking part, learning and elevating.


So again, for total clarity, I have never seen Impact50, Twisted50, 50 Kisses and other Create50 projects as amateur or amateurish.


Twisted50 is not an amateurish book, and to make that assertion (albeit by association) is an insult to the 50 writers and the 50 voiceover artists who performed the audiobook, not to mention everyone else involved.


In the Impact50 rules it states…


  • Entering does not guarantee your film will in any way be featured in the final film, and we are not obliged to produce a final film in the instance that we do not receive enough high quality entries.
  • We do not expect all 50 scripts to be successfully produced to the standard required for the final version of The Impact 50, though hope that they are.

So we now have a choice. I have a choice. And I need to make it.


Here’s what we have… And this is not based on all films submitted, we still have some in the pipeline and some mysterious ones (fingers crossed)…  At best we have 50 minutes of final film. More like 40 minutes in my heart. And we have some very similar themes too, kids in makeshift tents for instance. And we simply won't know how it will  all hang together until we put it together.


So here are the three choices for what Impact50 could be... (current entrants meaning final submissions in this phase)…


  1. We have a great short film of around 40 to 50 minutes, made form the current entrants.
  2. We have a 100 minute (or so) film made form the current entrants that would be considered lower standard in many places. This would preclude any form of professional distribution.
  3. We have a great short film of around 40 to 50 minutes made form the current entrants, but then ask…. what can we do about it? Is there more we can do?*

* and if there is more, realistically and pragmatically, how can we encourage people to be part of it?


I have been clear on what Impact50, as the organiser, has represented to me, and also what it has meant the whole team (those who have come and gone included) over the duration of the project.


To make an extraordinary feature film for cinema, TV and online...


I am behind option three. I hope you are too. To be completely clear, this will mean closing The Impact50 filmmaking phase, making a film and asking, what more can be added?


At that point, no-one and I mean NO-ONE will have lost out in any way. It follows that if we add a second phase, NO-ONE will have lost out again as this is simply about adding more to what already exists.


Please choose words carefully, I have an exhausted and small team. Using writing skills to keep comments short and to the point. Comments, on topic, below please.


Chris Jones