Ideas Ideas Ideas! Please tell us YOUR #Impact50 Phase Two ideas!

So it’s Blue Sky day this Sunday.


Around twenty five people who have been deeply involved in the Impact50 will gather at Ealing Studios to discuss what phase two could be, and how we execute it if we choose it.


It does feel a little Mission Impossible… Your mission, should you choose to accept it…!


We have lots of ideas already, like a drone challenge for bridging shots, a micro film challenge for auteur filmmakers, discussion around the existing scripts on the site, even how we present the presidents speech in an unusual and global way (by inviting filmmakers to shoot their TV in their living room playing the speech and editing hundreds of those shots together.)


And yes we will discuss longer thread stories too, so no need to discuss this idea below. It’s on the list.


So what other ideas do you have? No idea is too far out there, and even if it is after discussing it, the conversation may trigger other ideas.


So please leave your creative and innovative ideas below. We will discuss them all. Promise.


Keep it short and too the point as we will likely have a great deal to consider.


Chris Jones