Two Fun Post Production Anecdotes by Ben Mole

I learned a fantastic little trick during post that I plan to use on all future jobs. Once we were nearly happy with the cut we knew we had to get the actors back in to redo quite some of their dialogue, as so often happens. We wanted to change the sense and tone, more than the actual words. But to save time and money we sent our super cast the lines and they recorded them at home on their phones and emailed the sound files back. 

Much less money and hassle than getting everyone together in a studio.  We cut the lines into the cut and tried different takes and rhythms out in the offline – the cheapest part of the process.


We got it to picture lock and then went into a real studio to quickly and efficiently redo only the lines we needed. A great time and money saver.  It turned out that only Sacharissa lines were needed so Susan and Jacade would have wasted time coming to the studio at all -- if we’d have done things the old fashioned way. A great method I plan to use in the future.

The other fun trick we used in post, I’ve never done before was this: I really liked a line and performance from one character shot in one part of the set, but wanted it to happen in a completely different scene in a very different shot. It was a line we wanted in vision, so we couldn’t just replace it in audio. Rather than reshoot, I worked with the brilliant VFX artist Tom Archer to cut the head off the actor from one shot and reattach it to their head in a different shot. I have yet to find a person who can spot it. Including our outstanding DOP Pete who swears to this day we shot it like that. I can not recommend Tom enough.


Can you spot it? Watch the film here...

'White Liar', written by Ben Mole, produced by Core Films

Saying goodbye is as important as hearing it. 


Ben Mole.

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