Poster for ‘Sing Mummy’ drops from Red Films

Enni Red and her team have submitted their version of ‘Sing Mummy’ to #Impact50 and have taken it one step further by designing a film poster.


This is what I love so much about The Impact50, it’s a real world lab and self taught film school in bite sized chunks.


The more you do, the more you learn.


I saw the Facebook thread from Enni when she had several versions of the poster, all offering feedback to get to this piece of art which I love. This feedback is central to community, collaboration, growth and experience, and represent the real prize at the heart of Create50.

Enni also ended up printing it on A0 - the text was too big for such a physically large poster, but good for computer screen size.


I do hope other filmmakers who have made shorts for Impact50 start creating their own posters too.


What do you think, please leave feedback below.


Chris Jones

Watch the film below...

'Sing, Mummy!' written by Tracey Parsons, produced by Enni Red

A working mum makes the best of things, singing with her kids on speakerphone in the middle of nowhere.