Announcing the #Impact50 Films Shortlist, Second Chancers and Tie Breakers

Congratulations to the filmmakers and writers whose work has reached the shortlist for the #Impact50 feature film.


It’s been a challenge to select these films and there remain challenges in the future as there is clearly come crossover within these stories, and duplicates. And some late comer new edits that still need to be updated on the site.

We also have 'Second Chancers' category, which means we feel strongly that these films should be in the final film, but need to see how it comes together.


What does it mean if your film is not on any of these lists? We are still considering ways in which we can use all the films in one way or another. This is not a promise but an intention, as some films we feel could be included in part in the final feature film. So do please stay engaged in the process. You can of course enter these films (films not in the shortlist, second chancers and tie breakers) for festivals etc now.


The  shortlist, second chancers and tie breaker films now need to start getting final edits, checking contracts, collating media... We will need your edit and media soon and we will be in touch about this.


To be clear... All of these film pass into Phase 2 where we figure out how to make a feature film from them. We plan to add to these films with a new challenge opening later in July – watch this space! 


Remember to leave your comments below.


OK drum roll!


Winners... You made it!

These films all make it into the final edit of the film, subject to filmmakers delivering what we need (footage / contracts etc).

'Artocalypse Now', written by Steve Wrench, produced by Power Animal Productions

A fiery, impassioned painter vigorously gets the end of the world out of their system.


'Crazy Cat Lady', written by Carrie Wachob, produced by Biting Owl

When Betty can't make it home to her darling Waffles, she must find another way to spread feline love...


'Francis of Fell End Farm', written by Milethia Thomas, produced by LTBL Productions

Francis spends his last moments with his animals and his beloved collie, Moss.


'In Vino Veritas', written by Kim Wheeler, produced by Flickering Wick Productions

Based in Shropshire, Flickering Wick Productions was formed in 2017 by writer/producer Kim L. Wheeler, in order to film her winning script, In Vino Veritas, starring John Challis.


'I.R.L.', written by Liz Holliday, produced by Kunik Films

Who needs IRL friends, when there's a whole world out there on-line? But when that world goes away...


'Leargaidh', written by Matt George Lovett, produced by Meshes Films LLP

Word travels slowly in the windswept highlands.


'Life's a Beach', written by Rachel Welch, produced by Hammy Actor Productions

Sleeping through can sometimes be very inconvenient.


'Lullaby', written by Jane Hamer, produced by Sweet Home Films LLC

For one woman, news of the impact is like a gift sent from God...


'Music to Die For', written by Dee Chilton, produced by Natasha Marburger Productions

Our best friends are there for us at the end... even the invisible ones.


'Rock. Paper. Scissors', written by Ben Marshall, produced by Ben Marshall

Ben Marshall (writer) produces his own script, Rock.Paper.Scissors, in collaboration with film makers James Skinner...


'Rub a Dub Dub, Two Mates in a Tub' written by Zara Symes, produced by BFW

Two Aussie blokes struggle to accept the a bathtub.


'Sing, Mummy!' written by Tracey Parsons, produced by Enni Red

A working mum makes the best of things, singing with her kids on speakerphone in the middle of nowhere.


'T-Minus' written by Carolyn Goodyear, produced by Adrian G. De la Pena

A boy and his mum are in their homemade spaceship awaiting lift off for their holiday to heaven.


'The End's Beginning', written by Lynn Robertson Hay, produced by Common Thread Entertainment

If you saw the end of the world coming, would you tell?


'The Travelers' written by Matt Giannini, produced by Silverbird Productions Ltd

Marty is forced to convince his skeptical brother, Paul, that he has a first-class ticket off the planet before the destruction.


'The Watchers', written by David Jacobson, produced by Siege Ent.

Shot in London, October 2016 on a Sony A7ii over two days and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro. We chose this script as it's cinematic, claustrophobic...


'White Liar', written by Ben Mole, produced by Core Films

Saying goodbye is as important as hearing it. 


Tiebreakers... Whoah! We can't decide!

Yes its a tie breaker. At least one of each of these films will go through. We hope to find a way to bring all through, though no promises. Decisions will be made in due course. Remember we are building a feature film.

'Equal', written by Ben Lacey, produced by Isos

Two enemies, one resolution.


'Equal', written by Ben Lacey, produced by Tandav Films

Two enemies, one resolution.


'Daddy's Fort', written by Cera Rose Pickering, produced by Mobley Street Productions

A father makes sure his two little girls are blissfully unaware of their impending fate.


'Daddy's Fort', written by Cera Rose Pickering, produced by Talent Two Films

A father makes sure his two little girls are blissfully unaware of their impending fate.


Second Chancers... still in the game!

We love all of these films, though for one reason or another we can't commit to them making it to the final film. We want to work with these filmmakers to find a way to get their work in the final film, if possible. No promises, but that is our intention, and will also be guided by the shape of the final movie. We will be in touch about getting your media and projects.

'And Then There Were Two', written by Alison Clapham, produced by Alison Clapham Media

An elderly couple confronted with the impending end of the world take one last triumphant shot at living.


'Can She See Us Daddy?', written by Carole Parsons, produced by Siege Entertainment

Shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in 1 day...


'East Valley Rhinos', written by Richard Anthony Dunford, produced by Paul W Franklin

A rugby team go back for their injured team mates...


'He Who Is Without Sin', written by Kerry Douglas Dye, produced by Newborn Studios

As the end nears - a man in desperate need of absolution...


'I'm Afraid It's Bad News' by Dave Stevenson, produced by Lomond Films // Version One

A cancer patient has to break the news of the world's end to her unsuspecting doctor.


'Inside the Piano Shop', written by Lisa Parry, produced by Hyperobject Studio

Away from her husband and children, Jackie embraces her gift once more before the asteroid strikes...


'Make a Wish', written by Anna Kumacheva, produced by Enni Red

When the life of the whole humanity is under horrible threat, parents make a desperate decision to save their beloved daughter.


'Reunited', written by Barry Hood, produced by Kinetic Offence

Love never dies...


'Ring O' Roses', written by Fiona Hunnisett, produced by Playview Productions

A teacher's duty never ends...


'The Voice Of Reason' written by Evan Marlowe, produced by Sweet Home Films LLC


Comments: 34
  • #34

    KT Parker (Tuesday, 03 July 2018 22:53)

    A film is a forever thing, with a life beyond Create50. The great thing about making one is, the finished product is not just the film, but also all the ways you learn and grow throughout the crazy process. Yes, there are problems, but there may also be moments of grace, surprising solutions and an abundance of generosity. By making a film, you're all one step closer to your dreams of becoming a professional filmmaker, and that makes you all winners.

  • #33

    Nicole Robb (Monday, 02 July 2018 20:54)

    Big congratulations to all the winners! I look forward to seeing where Phase 2 takes us.

  • #32

    Lee Crompton (Monday, 02 July 2018 19:17)

    Thanks Ben. Chris, that would be awesome. We await your email with bated breath �

  • #31

    Ben Marshall (Monday, 02 July 2018 18:13)

    @ Lee. Thanks for your kind comment, means a lot. I truly hope your version of “I’m afraid It’s Bad News” makes the film. As I said in my comments, one of my favourite scripts and I loved your execution. I’m aware (I think) that 50 Kisses managed to feature two versions of the same script. Not sure how, but you never know. Would be great to see your Sing Mummy in there somehow too.

  • #30

    Enni Red (Monday, 02 July 2018 17:34)

    I want to join others in saying big-big thank you to all Create50 team for organising this, giving us opportunities. My Russian team (Sing Mummy!) cannot believe their eyes and they are so proud we made it and that we have such a huge opportunity to enter western cinema. Because of this project I personally met a number of great filmmakers with whom I intend to work again in future. @Chris and @Vicky - my gratitude to you for making all of this happen!

    I am also very excited about Phase 2 and I already have found several Russian filmmaking teams who learned about Impact too late to be able to make a film for Phase 1. I promised them they'll have a chance to become a part of our community soon!

    I also want to add again and again for those who are not in the winning list - please don't stop making films and believeing in yourself! I know for some people Impact film was the first film. And it was a great learning experience I hope. I learn smth with every film I do, I make mistakes now to NOT make them in future. I was extremely sad not to be among the winners of Impact as a writer (I wrote 3 scripts), it was very disappointing, I was struggling to believe if I am a good writer at all. But I didn't stop. I was persistent and now I am among Impact winners as a producer. Our profession is always up and down. If you want to win always - filmmaking is not for you. And I repeat it again - don't stop! And you will win!

  • #29

    Milethia (Monday, 02 July 2018 15:01)

    Thank you from the 'Francis' team. From me, personally, I'm delighted, and would like to thank the team for their belief in the story and for the support. Congratulations to the chosen films; and to everyone involved - chosen or not; we've all gone on journeys which have seen new collaborations made, films filmed - with further opportunities outside of the initiative. I know that difficult decisions have and will continue to be made, and thank the Create50 team for all they do to bring together creative people; some creative people who, for the first time, are taking on a different role - whether writing a short screenplay for the first time, becoming a producer or director. Excited for phase 2, and for those scripts amongst the winning scripts that weren't made from phase 1 being given further opportunity.

  • #28

    Dee Chilton (Monday, 02 July 2018 14:25)

    I've already commented (#5) to share my congratulations, commiserations and thanks to all involved with Create50 & Impact50, but just wanted to pass on my huge appreciation to all three filmmaker teams. Without their generous support, sharing of their knowledge, talents, skills, hard work and enthusiasm, none of our films would exist.

    I'd like to acknowledge Rebecca Hardy and her Edge21 team for the fabulous alternative version of MTDF and Deb Richardson and the Somerset Film team for the beautiful H2O. I'm disappointed for them in not making the list, but we have already committed to continue with our collaborations so all is most definitely not lost, and we still have our films, which will live on. Thanks also Chris and the Team, the Judges and all Contributers. What a rollercoaster ride! :-)

  • #27

    Chris Jones (Monday, 02 July 2018 12:00)

    @Lee we also want to find a way to figure out how to include your Sing Mummy also, in some way. We will be in touch in due course.

  • #26

    Lee Crompton (Monday, 02 July 2018 11:55)

    Well done to everyone who took part and those who were selected. Special mention to Ben Marshall who was a well deserved winner. Chuffed to bits you made it through. One of many films I really liked. And to Enni ... congratulations for Sing Mummy! Great interpritation of Tracey's script. We loved our little version but well done for making the final cut.

    Hopefully we'll still be in the mix with I'm Afraid It's Bad News. We shall wait and see.

    But well done to everyone who got off their arse and made a film. I've met so many people who say "I've always fancied making a film ... or write a script ... or whatever" and never been brave enough to give it go/learn the process/see what happens so putting the effort in to actually make a film or write a script - regardless of the subjective outcome - is an achievement in itself. Well done.

  • #25

    Michele Florea (Monday, 02 July 2018 05:40)

    Congratulations to everyone who made the selection. And best wishes to all involved.

  • #24

    Martin Lee White (Monday, 02 July 2018 02:47)

    Hearty CONGRATS to all the winners.

    Although I gotta say, I'm beyond disappointed - and maybe a little surprised - that neither of my two films (THE TRAVELLERS and I'M AFRAID ITS BAD NEWS) made the cut.

    Oh well, the world keeps turning, I suppose... onwards to new projects. I wish you all the best with the project and I'm sad I won't get to be part of it.



  • #23

    Ben Marshall (Sunday, 01 July 2018 22:42)

    Sorry, meant to also say huge congrats to all those selected too! There is a wonderful mix of genre and settings. Will be exciting to see how it all comes together.

  • #22

    Jane Hamer (Sunday, 01 July 2018 21:46)

    Really nice to see all the comments coming in.

    I also wanted to say, that I feel so lucky Lullaby has made it through and huge congrats to Evan and Kerry Marlow, they did an incredible job and made such a moving version, but it's so sad too that the beautiful version of Lullaby by Natalia Filson didn't make it through. And I also got to see a brave and alternate version by Denman Vitale productions. Wishing you both the best with your films and future projects.

  • #21

    Ben Marshall (Sunday, 01 July 2018 21:31)

    Overjoyed Rock. Paper. Scissors has been selected. Thank you Create50. Thrilled for all the team involved and for whose hard work I'm truly grateful. Such a valuable experience and learning curve and can't wait for the journey to continue. Sorry for those involved with films which did not make the cut. A number of great ones in there and I'm sure the decisions were really tough.

  • #20

    Kim L. Wheeler (Sunday, 01 July 2018 21:21)

    Very many congratulations to everyone who entered this process, whether your script or film was chosen or not. I'm chuffed to bits to see In Vino Veritas has made it through and my gratitude goes out to the entire cast and crew at Flickering Wick Productions for all of your hard work, dedication and sheer persistence, even when times got unbelievably tough. You thoroughly deserve this win! Personally, I have never known such a steep and intense learning curve in my entire life. The Impact process continues, so to those who are feeling disappointed today (and my sincere commiserations go out to you, as there are some fab films in there) do not give up, please keep going. Thank you, Judges. :)

  • #19

    Alex Beattie (Sunday, 01 July 2018 21:07)

    Thanks Chris for coming back so quickly

  • #18

    Chris jones (Sunday, 01 July 2018 21:00)

    No Alex phase two will address this. More will follow soon. For now read the blog by Ben from last week for a better insight.

  • #17

    Alex Beattie (Sunday, 01 July 2018 20:53)

    Writer of "A fight of all time" here. Are we giving up on scripts that weren't selected? If so it would be good to know. I'm a bit unclear.

  • #16

    Aashay Singh (Sunday, 01 July 2018 20:15)

    Hello and Thanks Impact50 for giving our film, "Equal" a chance. Shot in over 2 hours in blistering heat of Southern India, It was just me and my girlfriend and two really good friends. But never short of enthusiasm to make the best film we can, we really put our hearts in to it. And when I initially saw the BTS pictures of other productions, the crew, the lights, my heart did sink a bit. Now, It feels amazing to be in the company of other such great films
    I congratulate all the storytellers who have been recognized for their exceptional work.
    Since, we are in a Tie-Breaker, *is there anything we can do at this point? *

  • #15

    Jane Hamer (Sunday, 01 July 2018 20:13)

    Congrats to all the filmmakers and writers, and the second chance ones too. As a writer I've been one of the very lucky ones.
    My sincere commiserations to those who didn't make it through and I genuinely mean that. Over the years I've experienced it too from both sides, and so I know how it feels when your work doesn't make it through. It can be a very hard time. And I'd imagine for the judges it must have been a very difficult process too.
    As for moving forward now, all is not lost as phase two is coming and there will be further opportunities to have a chance to be involved in the film. It's the team's prerogative to announce these details so I don't want to give anything away. Please bear with them as they are very, very busy.
    The way to look at this is that films have been made - in fact, some amazing films that I've loved watching and commenting on. I'm amazed at the bravery of people just going out there and getting stuck in having a go; collaborations have been built, friendships made and a lot of experience has been gained. For those films that didn't get through there's all the excitement of putting them forward for festivals and various viewing platforms is ahead now. And I wish everyone the best of luck with that.

  • #14

    Carrie (Sunday, 01 July 2018 20:08)

    On behalf of the entire Crazy Cat Lady team - thank you Create50 for giving us the opportunity to be in The Impact. We're very excited to be a part of this. Congratulations to the other films, and best of luck to everyone as they continue their festival journeys.

  • #13

    dialectofnotes (Sunday, 01 July 2018 19:57)

    Thanks for including both versions of Daddy's Fort in the tiebreaker. Congratulations to all the winners :D It must have been a tough decision.

  • #12

    Enni Red (Sunday, 01 July 2018 19:53)

    Scott Young, I don't think it is respectful to say what you say about all the winning filmmakers who put a lot time, money, sweat to their films and deserved their wins. If you don't like any of those films and think your films were better - it was you who deleted them from competition. In any competition there are winners and those who lose. I personally think that appropriate behaviour for those who lose is rather to stay silent or to congratulate the winners. Even if just from politeness. You continue to show disrespect to people here and total negativity for this project. Maybe it is time for you just to leave us here in peace and finally stop spreading your negativity? I am quite patient myself, but I don't like when people I respect are offended.

  • #11

    Terry Concanno (Sunday, 01 July 2018 19:00)

    Congrats all writers and film makers�

  • #10

    Scott Young (Sunday, 01 July 2018 18:50)

    @John A pyramid scheme. That's a good one. Lol.

  • #9

    Scott Young (Sunday, 01 July 2018 18:49)

    @JayeLSwift I know how you feel. And Xander is crushed, too. At least northern Nevada gets to wash their hands of this entire albatross. Onward to better projects now.

  • #8

    BFVS Susan Cockwell (Sunday, 01 July 2018 17:28)

    Congratulations to all the films, film makers, script writers and all those who helped to produce Impact 50. Sad our film was not chosen but we enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to seeing the finished film.

  • #7

    Rita Wheeler (Sunday, 01 July 2018 16:50)

    I am disappointed that neither of our two films made the cut. I have enjoyed the process, just sad that it is over. Now we'll see about entering them into competitions and festivals. Well done to those whose films have been chosen.

  • #6

    KT Parker (Sunday, 01 July 2018 16:33)

    Well done everyone, both those who were selected and those that weren't. So much hard work went into making these films and I am full of admiration for anyone who made a film (and some of you have made several!). I'm glad I wasn't one of the judges; it must have been a tough choice. Some of my favourites got through, but others didn't.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • #5

    Dee Chilton (Sunday, 01 July 2018 15:39)

    Congratulations to all filmmakers listed. Happy to say I'm one of them. To those not, don't give up as you may still be part of this, but also, YOU MADE A FILM, YOU'RE ALREADY A WINNER. Keep on keeping on ���

    Believe me, having been involved from day one, reading so many wonderful scripts and having quite a some I loved not make the cut (including some of mine), having also seen some lovely films not make the cut, I feel the pain of those not listed (which also includes some of mine), I feel your pain and disappointment.

    Many thanks to all involved who have helped me to elevate my writing through feedback and advice, and for collaborating to get something made, which to me was always the main prize.

  • #4

    Enni Red (Sunday, 01 July 2018 14:52)

    Thank you for including my film and giving second chance for my another film. Hope to find ways to get to final with both of them ) Sorry for those who didn't get in this list. Couple of films I really loved are out of the game. But anyway - you have a film now and can hit festivals.

  • #3

    Jonah Jones (Sunday, 01 July 2018 14:42)

    Well done everyone.

  • #2 (Sunday, 01 July 2018 14:37)

    Beyond gutted

  • #1

    John (Sunday, 01 July 2018 14:18)

    Impact 50 sure feels like each participant recruits two further participants, example the original screenwriters screenplays were used to return with production participants and the money was contributed by later ones via paypal. A never ending pyramid, I hope to see some real results soon.