Impact50 Crowdfund For Cancer Research

First of all my apologies for being ‘off radar’ for a week, the whole team has been running Talent Campus 4.0.

On that note we have also been running a Crowdfund for Cancer research as one of our past Talent Campers, Kim Wheeler,  has been diagnosed with Leukaemia (Kim is also a Create50 writer and Producer, so a member of this community).

It would be great if you could throw something into the hat to help find a cure for Kim.

Among many many other things to do, she has a kick ass script to complete and we all need to see that on TV!

More here…

We have a goal of £3k, but our REAL goal is £10k. Let’s make that happen. Watch the pitch video below...


Phase 2…
As many of you will know, I chose to shelf Phase 2 as there has been a low level sustained attempt to derail the whole process run by a number of individuals.

Jane Hamer wrote to many people involved in Impact50 to find out where they felt we should go, and so far, it’s almost 100% behind Phase 2 happening.

We have the London Screenwriters’ Festival in front of us now and so I am moving Phase 2 announcements to after that.

To be clear, myself and the core team have been inspired by the massive positive outcry and demand for Phase 2, and it will now happen for sure.

You have spoken loudly so here we go…

That said, it will just need to wait until after the festival in September, and even then it will take time to regroup fully.

Vicky, me and the Blue Sky team will continue to build phase 2 over the next few months, so do expect emails about it.

I have said it before and will repeat for the purpose of clarity. Impact5o is made in the cracks between real life and jobs, and is run on goodwill.

Let me be SUPER clear. Goodwill is the fuel of Impact50, from top to bottom. From the writers, filmmakers, judges, execs, sales agents, distributors, actors… and more.

I will be making changes to the Forums to remove spammers and people who have created multiple fake accounts. We have no time for fake accounts or spammers and the whole community is resoundingly behind this. 

I want to thank Jane Hamer who has been an extraordinarily hard working champion of Impact50 in the last month or so, and her passion for the project and wider creative community has kept the whole project moving forward. We all owe her a box of chocolates! Thank you Jane.

OK I have a massive international festival to give my attention, a family I have neglected and Impact50 to nudge gently along… Oh and a Crowdfund (thank you Liz Holliday and KT Parker for running point on that, more chocolates it seems for you guys, or better still, chuck that fiver into the Crowdfund instead for Kim).

OK… Let’s raise £10k to save lives and change the world. Here’s the link to share…

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  • #1

    Enni Red (Thursday, 12 July 2018 12:59)

    Thanks for the update about Phase2. My only sadness is that I probably will not be able to shoot anything in September as this is the time of me moving to the UK from Russia where I have my team and equipment. But I will still encourage others to take part. All the best with LSF, so sad I cannot attend it this year (

    Sending love and hugs to amazingly strong Kim and wonderful KT Parker, Liz Holliday and Jane Hamer.

  • #2

    Jane Hamer (Monday, 16 July 2018 21:16)

    @Enni, I've messaged you today about this. Thanks for all your support.