What was Impact50 Phase One?

We are now building Phase Two of The Impact50 and some people have been asking about Phase One.


The original idea behind The Impact 50 was based on our success with 50 Kisses. We had writers submit two page scripts, we selected what we thought were the best 50, then released them on the internet and any filmmaker could then make a version of the script. We had around 350 films submitted and selected the best and made a feature film.


Phase one of Impact50 ran from 2015 to 2017 and generated thousands of scripts and around 100 short films. 


After a very long and arduous process, we realised that we didn't have enough material from the films to create a feature length movie. And so we decided to open up Phase two more open rules, and steering writers and filmmakers toward tougher and more dynamic, challenging and groundbreaking stories.


And so welcome to Impact50 phase two!


Phase Two will open on December 18th with a much simplified and streamlined approach. You should really consider getting involved…

  • The scripts that were not produced in Phase One will be available for production in Phase Two.
  • Writers from Phase One will be invited to resubmit their scripts to Phase Two.
  • All writers will be invited to submit a script(s) to the new Phase Two.
  • Filmmakers will be invited to option scripts submitted and produce them.
  • Filmmakers will be allowed to write their own scripts and produce them.

You can read scripts HERE. You can watch films HERE.


The process will close on June 3rd 2019 after which we will begin judging and editing the final film.


The Impact will open with the President of America addressing the planet, which we shot earlier this year with Olivia Williams playing the president. You can watch the behind the scenes below…


There will be micro challenges opening up as we go, so make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list below…


Good luck and see you at the premiere!


Chris Jones


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  • #1

    Mark P (Wednesday, 19 December 2018 14:54)

    Well done Chris and the team. Good decision to do phase two. It's all about real-world experience after all, and this is it. Phase one wouldn't have worked alone, so bring on Phase two. There's a reason films take years and years to see the screen! Best of luck to everyone.

  • #2

    Chris Jones (Wednesday, 19 December 2018 14:59)

    Thanks Mark P... Yes the very simple way to look at it is that Phase One helped us create around half a fabulous feature film. Now phase two can create a new and complimentary half, new stories, different stories, so we can make a film the market place and audiences understand (ie feature length for a feature length slot).

  • #3

    Carolyn (Saturday, 22 December 2018 20:49)

    Hi Chris. What type of stories are you looking for in phase 2?

  • #4

    Chris Jones (Saturday, 22 December 2018 21:01)

    Hi Carolyn, what we have from phase one is largely 'nice' stories about the tragedy. We need some stories with TEETH and BITE. I was surprised there were very few vengeance stories for instance. Wherever you are in your story, go further, deeper, more shocking. Don't hold back. Explore your own dark fantasies. Two hourse left? What might the wicked part of you do? This is not the only thing we are looking for, but as a rule, stories with some emotional wow. 'More' which remains unproduced was also a story with some WOW.