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Ahead of the Impact50 re-launch on Dec 18th (and you will likely see lots up changes going on across the site right now), I thought I would share the video of the whole show for The Impact50 Awards at the British Screenwriters Awards 2018. It really was a night to remember and a very special opportunity to put the best of Impact50 in front of the Industry.


You can watch the winning films below...


'Equal', written by Ben Lacey, produced by Isos

Recut - 30.06.18 // Two enemies, one resolution.


'Francis of Fell End Farm', written by Milethia Thomas, produced by LTBL Productions

Recut - 27.06.18 // Francis spends his last moments with his animals and his beloved collie, Moss.


'In Vino Veritas', written by Kim Wheeler, produced by Flickering Wick Productions

Based in Shropshire, Flickering Wick Productions was formed in 2017 by writer/producer Kim L. Wheeler, in order to film her winning script, In Vino Veritas, starring John Challis.


'Leargaidh', written by Matt George Lovett, produced by Meshes Films LLP

Word travels slowly in the windswept highlands.


'Music to Die For', written by Dee Chilton, produced by Natasha Marburger Productions

Recut - 29.06.18 // Our best friends are there for us at the end... even the invisible ones.


'The Travelers' written by Matt Giannini, produced by Silverbird Productions Ltd

Recut - 30.06.18 // Marty is forced to convince his skeptical brother, Paul, that he has a first-class ticket off the planet before the destruction.


'T-Minus' written by Carolyn Goodyear, produced by Adrian G. De la Pena

Recut - 30.06.18 // A boy and his mum are in their homemade spaceship awaiting lift off for their holiday to heaven.


'White Liar', written by Ben Mole, produced by Core Films

Saying goodbye is as important as hearing it. 


Chris Jones

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  • #1

    Dee Chilton (Thursday, 22 November 2018 15:43)

    Ooh this is great, beautifully edited Chris, Judy & Viktoria and thankfully not too embarrassing for me, was pretty sure I waffled on for ages longer haha. Fabulous video... and a fabulous initiative! Well done to all the teams and my heartfelt thanks to the three filmmakers, and all the cast and crew, who breathed life into my characters, lifted my words from the page and put them up on the screen.

  • #2

    Chris Jones (Thursday, 22 November 2018 16:02)

    It was a VERY special night and cannot wait to do the next one. You should write a new script for Phase 2!

  • #3

    Michele Florea (Friday, 23 November 2018 05:01)

    Congratulations, everyone, and especially you, Milethia. "Francis" is such a wonderful story, and to think it almost didn't happen!

  • #4

    Vicky Tolidou (Friday, 23 November 2018 14:42)

    Thank you Dee!! And thank you for coming with your team, as well as everyone else who made it. It was a magical night and seeing your films and yourselves getting acknowledged in front of an audience and along side other industry people, was something I am glad to have experienced with you all. :) And I agree Michele, Milethias film is so beautiful, in terms of story and how it was made.