And so it begins… Digital Armageddon to match Impact50 Armageddon!

Last November Vicky began the job of getting filmmakers who made it in to Phase 2 to send their films – raw footage, sound, projects, VFX, renders, exports – the who shebang.


And so now the job REALLY starts.


Here are some of the things we are now contending with as we conform everything into a single project…

  • Drives… Mac and PC formats, though this is pretty simple.
  • Frame rates… 23.97, 24, 25 and 30… So far nothing interlaced thank goodness
  • Formats… Everything from highly compressed iPhone footage to RAW 4k and everything inbetween
  • Project source… Avid, Premiere, Lightworks, DaVinci… As a rule of thumb, nothing is compatible
  • Missing stuff… Filmmakers who thought they had prepped theor pejoect but didn’t follow instructions
  • Customs… Drives stuck in customs and we need to pay import duty

So the workflow for now looks like this…

  1. We get the drive and quickly check its what we need.
  2. We then make a copy of the drive into out unlimted Google Drive as a backup.
  3. We will then begins importing, transcoding, exporting, screaming, throwing toys out of prams… as we conform EVERYTHING into a 23.07 HD Avid Project.

This is likely to take several months of unpicking. Wish us luck! Better, buy Giovani and Vicky a drink when you see them next!




OK onwards and upwards!


Chris Jones

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Comments: 3
  • #1

    Rachael Howard (Monday, 28 January 2019 16:50)

    Wow. That is a nightmare. Remember warm drinks and shoulder massages to stop you all getting stressed.

  • #2

    Enni Red (Monday, 28 January 2019 18:15)

    Impressive stuff, Vicky and team! I am in the nightmare of sorking my own two shorts which are in different formats, programmes and in different countries. I can only imagine what waits you in sorting all the films!

  • #3

    Chris (Monday, 28 January 2019 18:22)

    We learned LOADS on 50 Kisses. I want to make sure we try and work at one from = one frame with sound re-pitching rather than frame blending. Monster job. Monster.