Impact50… What should you write or make for the film process?

During phase one of The Impact50 we found that there were some patterns in the completed films, and on balance, we needed some other types of stories.


Generally, we had a lot of moving, but ‘nice’ stories. Sometimes comedy, sometimes drama that hits you in the feels.


We need more stories that hit us in the feels, but we also need greater diversity in characters locations and genre. Let me expand…

  • Diversity of characters… I will let you interpret that.
  • Global story… Let’s see stories from around the world. Screenwriters, try to be non specific in locale so it can be made anywhere.
  • Stories that DO NOT feature at start or end… We will have too many stories that can only work at the start or close of the film, and so you will fight against many more films to be included.
  • Dark dark dark… Stories that look at humanity when no-one cares. What would some people do? Vengeance? Rage? Or maybe dark redemption? Take our breath away.
  • Less dialogue… Let’s see some very visual scripts. Filmmakers will love you for it!

Overall, make us care deeply.




Remember two pages or less. And in many instances, LESS is more.




Chris Jones


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