Top Three Favorite Impact50 Scripts Selected by Screenwriter Mark Renshaw

There are no more tomorrows, no more today's. An extinction event sized meteor is heading for Earth. The President of the United States (not Trump) announces that all life on the planet is about to be wiped out in approximately two hours. It is the ultimate Wrexit.


That’s the premise of Impact 50. A feature-length film comprising of around 50 short stories from around the world set during those final, precious moments. Each script represents a unique snapshot of how humanity might choose to face the music. Will they dance, will they go quietly into the night, or will they rage against the universe? 


I have been involved in Impact 50 from the early days and I’ve enjoyed the entire process, reviewing over 200 scripts (plus I have a few in the mix myself) and viewing many of the amazing completed productions.

With the project drawing to a close soon there is a fresh influx of scripts just itching to be snatched up by talented and creative producers. I was asked if I could read through the Phase Two batch and pick out three which stood out for me. In doing so I read a whole range of writing styles and a diverse set of interesting characters. There were similar themes covering birth, love, lottery wins and death; many with a sentimental focus.  This is completely understandable and expected with the subject matter. Therefore the personal criteria I set myself for this exercise was to pick three that are a bit different.


These are...

Things to Do As You Wait for the End of the World and Your Inevitable Demise by David Marantz

Let’s face it, if such a cataclysmic event did occur, most of us would be bonking like Viagra overdosed bunnies! So yes, this is an obvious angle to explore but the way David does this is to create a microcosm of society in an apartment block. A marathon bonking session soon spreads from apartment to apartment in a hilarious domino effect until it spills to the outside world. All in two pages! Brilliant. I’m pretty convinced the title and tone is a homage to Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask.  This would give the feature some much-needed comic relief among the tragedy.

Runners by Andrea Siligardi

How about a touch of horror? That certainly would be different. This one starts innocently enough. A couple of siblings decide to go on a final run, reminiscing about their childhood as they race around the track. Towards the end though, the monster they say they used to pretend to run away from becomes all too real. Is it symbolic or supernatural? It’s left for us to decide. What I see in this script is potential. If the horror angle is explored more and it stays focused on the track aspect, this could be a unique and outstanding story.  

We Were Human by Nicole Robb

This was a Phase One winner and still one of my all-time favourites. It is such a simple idea yet emotionally packs a powerful punch. It could easily be filmed. The premise is basically one long monologue, something which is usually frowned upon in screenplay circles. I love dialogue though, I’d go further and make the whole two pages one monologue. It’s mankind’s final broadcast to the universe. A message in a bottle (figuratively speaking) left adrift in the stars.  This would be the perfect ending for the feature. The VO could be accompanied by stock footage of the Earth, or as Nicole suggests, shots of previous stories. Imagine if you could get Morgan Freeman to narrate this part? There’s a challenge for Chris Jones!

Those are just three great suggestions for production. I would have no difficulty recommending more.


So do yourself a favour, have a read through the scripts, option a couple, give it all you’ve got to produce something remarkable and maybe you could be on the red carpet celebrating the launch of the Impact 50 feature.


Choose to creative. Choose to be part of a truly unique, historical filmmaking experience.


Mark Renshaw.

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