This is Why a Filmmaker Should Pick One of My Scripts by Barry Staff

I don't know what might have gone in the cull of the First Phase tranche as a result of the mindset applied to it or the lack of breadth of response to the brief, but taking on board Chris's call for more left-field approaches for Phase submissions, I recommend the following three...

One For The Road by Barry Staff - I can't recollect another script in which characters consider the Pesident's massage to the world to be a hoax, False News. This script turns the knee-jerk response, of desperation, on its head. Four characters (only one of them speaking) in an otherwise empty pub, run with the prospects that this is a scam.  A shoot would be easily doable (during these summer months) in an envelop of opportunity between sunup and when a pub opens for business - maybe some five hours to get two-minutes worth.

The Last Wank by Barry Staff - I can't see that anyone's taking on the notion that someone would be bowing out with a bit of onanism. Who, on their own, wouldn't want to 'see stars' before then joining them? Again, as interestingly, it's an old man who's doing the 'fiction friction'. And then there's, erm, a fresh 'twist' and then comes, ahem, a big reveal. All a film crew would need would be the basics to shoot this in the one room.

Late Lunch by Barry Staff - I haven't noticed a piece about someone wholly embroiled in the wonder of the here and now. An old woman, with not many a year left, enjoys her reprieve to undertake a final elegiac wander of the natural environment and the other sentient beings that she's deposited in it through the cultivation of her own back garden. Using a gimbal and maybe an original piece of music over would bring this magic to life. I know of such a garden.

Barry Staff.

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    Michael van Koetsveld (Thursday, 18 April 2019 09:50)

    I shall go and read them today, thanks for bringing them to our attention.