'Amy's Choice' by Worthing Screen Actors

As the asteroid approaches, a young girl, Amy, about to be robbed of her womanhood, is faced with the choice of either staying with her family or spending her last hours with Dan, the one she loves - but he's also the one her father despises.


Rather than die surrounded by her father's religious dogma, Amy decides to follow her heart and choose life over death.


We selected this piece, written by Adam Harper and originally called "Don't Stay Mad", because it had great potential and was easily "doable" in the time we had left to produce something for the IMPACT50 Community FIlm Project. It was shot in a day and edited in the same week.


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    rod prynne (Thursday, 13 June 2019)

    far too stagey I'm afraid - a lot of improvisation may have worked well here so that the people and situations seems real and not "actors performing"...