'First Time' by Grindstone Films

With the end of the world imminent, Danny has only a short time to "do it" ..for the first time.


I found the concept of the end of the world very depressing, so wrote something that I thought would add a bit of fun.


I was registered to go to Cannes, but in the end didn't go as the music producer Mike Bennett wanted me to do some filming,which left me some spare time to shoot this. We cast and shot in a week.

However during Mikes filming in Coventry, I told him I wanted some music, so he wrote and produced the "Mrs Pringle" track for me ..and then recorded it with the Rubettes.

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    Ben (Tuesday, 18 June 2019 19:26)

    Hmmm, not so good, I'm afraid. Clunky and repetitive, but then, the editor can only cut from what he / she is given and that wasn't great.

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    Phil Peel (Friday, 21 June 2019 19:24)

    Thank you for your kind comments. Very useful