Go on, go on, go on, go on! Impact in 48...

Have you done it yet? Have you clicked on the “register” button? What am I talking about? Well I am talking about registering your participation in your life goals. Say what now?


You have been talking and dreaming for ages now about making your film and sharing your stories with the world. In order to do that though, you have to take those first steps to fuel your rocket ship and we are giving you that opportunity in the guise of the 48hour film challenge

Want to know what’s in store for you once you hit register?  As someone who has done a challenge like this herself before, let Sharn Gill walk you through what happens once you have pressed the magic button (‘register’).

The Write Stuff…
The first step is to sort out a script.  You can either write a script about the last few hours on earth for an individual or group of people inhabiting earth. Or you can option one of the scripts already housed in our script vault. 

When you put together that script, write BIG. You are going to be focusing on 3-4 minutes of a person’s life so make sure those minutes count and packed full of feeling, action or meaning. 

Squad Goals!
Nothing can make or break a film like a decent crew. And I am talking about a serious squad here – get people you can trust and count on, people you like, people who have focus, people who have skills!  Because for 48 hours, you are going to have to work together to produce something amazing so you want to bring your best.  Missing skills? Check out a few networks to fill those gaps.  Then write up your crew list (from director to runner).

Don’t skimp on the acting either because one thing that can let down your film is a person who is not convincing in their role. You can probably check out Star Now or Mandy.com for some decent talent. Stick local, offer food and expenses, offer a small fee if you can afford it but be upfront about what you want and what it’s for and make sure you audition them (in person, online – whatever works).

And a word to the wise, make sure you get those release form signed before you start shooting!!  You don’t want to go through all that and find that the actor doesn’t want to release it! You can go here for some templates!

Tool yourself up
You may be lucky, you may know people who are handy with a camera or sound and they have all their own gear. But if not, do your research and hire stuff out, have a practice with your equipment before the weekend of the challenge. Go out and practice using it in the locations you want to shoot in.  A good tip here would be to get permission to film at the location you want before that weekend.  Last thing you want is to get kicked out for filming!

The Big Day….
The big day is almost here and you are buzzing. You have a fantastic script, you got your squad prepped and tinkering with their equipment, you have paperwork and permissions in place and your actors are getting hair and makeup done. But you are missing one big thing. We have to give you your line of dialogue before you start.  Without it, you can’t do anything!  We will send it out and all you have to do is confirm receipt.  Then you are OFF!

On the shoot
Whilst you are getting stuck into the shooting, be sure to nominate someone to grab your behind the scenes photographs of the shoot. Send them to us throughout the two days and we will flash them up on social media for you.  Think of us as your own social media marketing team!

It’s a wrap!
Shoot is done!!! What a fucking rush!  Now it’s time for the edit.  This part is huge and if you have someone who knows how to edit, get them started with the editing early and save yourself some time.  And keep your rushes safe – no deleting them - you never know when you (or we!) may need them!

Editing is done and you’ve watched it. You are on a high and are ready for that Oscar. Don’t hang about though – get that baby over to us (we’ll tell you how) and then you can party like it’s 1999 or flake out and sleep it off. 

Whatever you decide, YOU DID IT and you are already ahead of all those other people who said they will do it one day (and don’t). What did you get out of it? You got a nifty little film that will make a big impact to your showreel and you may (may) get to be part of a feature film.  I warn you, once you start, you get hooked and are already eyeing up what you’ll make next. Go get ‘em!


The countdown has begun...


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