Impact50… The Edit Continues…

We are deep into the edit of Impact50 now and hoping to have a completed cut by the end of the year.


More ‘concept album’ than ‘playlist’, the building of a feature film from all the films submitted is taking some management, creativity and occasionally flashes of inspiration.  


But it’s looking really great!


We had originally thought we would master in Avid, but have finally chosen Adobe Premiere because SO many of the films were edited with it, making conforming projects faster and easier.


There will be gaps in the story. We know this.


What they are and exactly how we address them are still unknowns however, but we will have a complete list and plan before Christmas.


We may end up shooting some bridging scenes, and if we do, we will be reaching out to the entire community to get involved where they can.


We are still on target for a premiere in 2020 which is SUPER cool!


OK… Onward and upward!


Chris Jones


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    Michael van Koetsveld (Monday, 16 September 2019 09:31)

    Keep at it! Great to hear the progress story. Would love to help with any pick up bits.