International Ambassadors for Impact50

Enni Red - Screenwriter and Filmmaker

I joined the Impact50 project on the screenwriting stage in December 2015. Since then I've been proud to become a part of an extraordinary international filmmaking community. I've written 3 screenplays, produced 2 short films in 2 countries and met amazing new friends. I am looking forward to doing as much as I can for this one-of-a-kind initiative which connects filmmakers worldwide to make the first crowdcreated feature film "The Impact".

Nicole Robb - Writer

Nicole Robb is a fantasy and science fiction writer from Ontario, Canada. In her spare time she enjoys world travel and her long-term goal is to see every country on Earth. She became involved with Impact50 during the scriptwriting phase, and wrote "We Were Human", which was one of the 55 winning scripts from the first phase of the project.

Steve Pool - Writer

Steve is a passionate supporter of Create50, a writer, photographer, and professional English tutor. He has published many stories in online magazines and anthologies, including Create50's Twisted50, Twisted50 vol 2, and The Singularity. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Robin. You can find his work on his website He looks forward to co-ordinating outreach to American filmmakers and screenwriters.