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New FAQ for Phase 2

Q - How do I submit a redraft?

A - Option 1: Click on the Scripts page on the Menu and select the third option 'Submit Redraft'. Option 2: Hover your mouse over 'Scripts' on the Menu and select the submenu 'Submit Redraft'.



Q - Can I write or submit more than one script or film?

A - Yes, you can do as many as you like.


Q - How does the judging process work now?
A - There is no formal judging process for phase two. Scripts will get produced or not, and films will get selected based on their quality, content and how they fit in the collage of the final film. The Impact50 editorial team will make these choices, and trust us, it will be difficult. What we would say is this, great story telling, great filmmaking, so long as it is relevant, will almost certainly make it into the very final stages, if not the final film. So don't be put off.


Q - Who owns the film or script submitted?
A - The writers and filmmakers who produced the work will always own their own work. They will just license it to the project if it is selected. We have no interest in getting in the way of anyones success. If you can exploit your hard work elsewhere, you should, and with out blessing. The one caveat is if your short film is included in the final film, we will ask you to hold back for a period of time after the film is completed.


Q - How often do you update things or reply?
A - As we are a very small team that is unfunded, we currently work Wednesdays on Impact50. We may do things outside of Wednesdays, but its likely you wont get responses or see site updates except on Wednesdays. This is to help with workload that took over far too much in the past phase.


Q - Does two pages mean two minutes?
A - No, films should be the 'right' length, some longer and some shorter.


Q - I want to integrate the presidents speech into my film, how can I get it?

A - Send Vicky an email at Remember we generally work on Impact50 on Wednesdays, so don't leave requests to the last minute on Wednesday night, you may need to wait a week to get a reply then.


Q - Where has the forum gone?
A - We have retired the forum, you can now get to us via the contact box below.


Q - Can I view or make one of the scripts that didn't make it through Phase 1?
A - Only the winning scripts, the rough diamonds and second chance scripts are automatically added to Phase Two. That said, if you are a writer and want to resubmit your script, perhaps after a rewrite, you can do that and it would be considered a new submission. We could not bring all 2,000 scripts across as these scripts do not have contracts for production, something that is required in Phase 2. To deal with the admin for those scripts would costs many £thousands in hours and services. You can also make the script yourself as a filmmaker or filmmaking team. Again this will simply be considered a new submission.


Q - What is the next to some on the scripts?Scripts with a is an unproduced winner from Phase One.


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