Impact50 in 48 FAQ

Q - When does the challenge take place?

A - On July 20 and 21 2019.


Q - What is a 48 hour film challenge?

A - A 48 hour film making challenge is a way for film makers to put all their skills to the test by making a film in 48 hours.  On Friday July 19th at 1800 hours you will receive a line of dialogue to be included in your film.  Then you will have until 1800 hours on Sunday 21st July to submit a fully shot and edited short film.


Q - How do I know people won't cheat by making their film in advance?
A - Sneaky!  That's why we send an extra line of dialogue to kick off the 48 hours.


Q - Do I need to write my script in that time?
A - No.  If you want to make a film with your own script, we highly recommend you submit the script as early as possible.  That way you can get peer to peer feedback so you can revise your script to make it as good as you can.  Alternatively, you can choose from a number of scripts here which have already been submitted, many by highly renowned writers.


Q - Will my script be included in the final feature film?
A - We cannot guarantee that any script or film will be included in the final cut of Impact50.  What we do ask if for you to do two thing.  1 Treat this process as a chance to develop, to learn new skills and make new contacts and collaborate and 2 Blow us away with your talent!


Q - Does two pages mean two minutes?
A - No, films should be the 'right' length, some longer and some shorter.  We ask for no more than 4 minutes.


Q - OK, I've applied.  What happens now?

A - As soon as we've received your application, we will send you a confirmation email.  PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN YOU GET IT - it's vital we keep in touch!  As the process unfolds, we will be contacting you with more information.  Keep an eye on your inbox.  Meanwhile, you can be working on your script, assembling your cast and crew, finding equipment and locations, doing everything you can to prepare your project.  Don't leave it to the 48 hours - the preparation you do now will be crucial to your success when you start filming.




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