'A Special Day' Third Edit

Written by Michele Florea, produced by David Roch Productions

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'A Special Day' Second Edit

Written by Michele Florea, produced by David Roch Productions

'A Special Day' First Edit

Written by Michele Florea, produced by David Roch Productions

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Please note: At about 2-­‐minutes, 23-­‐seconds into the film, when Rachel asks if Clara is thirsty, the audio becomes uneven. We are working on the problem.


We originally took the “2-­‐minute movie” concept too much to heart and, during editing of the first version, quite a lot of footage got left on the cutting room floor. Later, when Create50 said there would be no time limits placed on the produced films, we decided to re-­‐edit and add back some of the subtle little touches that had been left out. By this time, though, most of the filmmaking team who worked on the film had gone on to other things and could no longer devote time to finishing A Special Day. Thanks to a shout out on the Forums, a new team stepped in and took over the entire post-­‐production process, where several problems were addressed and ultimately fixed. Small bits that had been left out of the first edit were restored, new dialogue was recorded to resolve certain issues, music was re-­‐recorded for both the opening and closing of the film, and many other small changes were made throughout. In all, 35-­‐seconds have been added to A Special Day (not including titles and credits). We feel it has a lot more depth and meaning now, and we hope those of you watching it will agree and like this new edit. We look forward to all new feedback and comments.


I wrote A Special Day as an end-of-day commentary on the irony of life: A young mother willing to kill her child to spare her a horrible death, her scheme foiled by her daughter's innocent zest for life in the moment and need to assert herself as a 'big girl', and a young woman in the midst of preparing for her own death now shouldering the responsibility of the child.
It was only a short distance from writing it to producing it, and the experience has proved exciting and enjoyable, if challenging at times.