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'A Special Day' First Edit

written by Michele Florea, produced by David Roch Productions

David Roch Productions was created expressly for filming A Special Day for the Impact.

Producers notes on this edit...

I wrote A Special Day as an end-of-day commentary on the irony of life: A young mother willing to kill her child to spare her a horrible death, her scheme foiled by her daughter's innocent zest for life in the moment and need to assert herself as a 'big girl', and a young woman in the midst of preparing for her own death now shouldering the responsibility of the child.
It was only a short distance from writing it to producing it, and the experience has proved exciting and enjoyable, if challenging at times.


Writer & Producer By Michele Florea-David Roch Productions

Danielle Lopez as Rachel
Kadence Lynn Burke as Clara
Sasha Gomez as Clara's Mom

Photos from the shoot and film

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