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'Among the Stars' First Edit

written by Richard Flynn, produced by The Diaz Brothers
Location: Reno, Nevada.


Based in Reno, Nevada, The Diaz Brothers has been active in Film & TV for 20-years, during which time they have developed and produced a wide range of projects, from feature films to short films, and from non-fiction books to graphic novels. For the last 3-years, their short films have won many awards. When the production phase of The Impact ends, The Diaz Brothers will have been variously involved in a total of 10 films originating from four different production companies, all based in northern Nevada.

Producers notes on this edit...

Directed by Scott Young, and starring Bryce O’Connor as Alex and Quentin Powers as Jay. Shot on location in Carson City, Nevada. We chose this script because of the strong emotional effect it will have on the audience. To be faced with death at such a young age, and to face it as bravely as Alex and Jay do will hopefully bring a few tears to the eyes of the audience.

Photos from the shoot and film

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