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'Daddy's Fort' First Edit

written by Cera Rose Pickering, produced by Mobley Street Productions
Location: Hoddesdon, Herts.


Mobley Street Productions is a London based production company owned by director/producer Laurel Parker. We have produced and directed music videos, commercial spoofs, corporate videos, and DVD bonus material including trailers, EPKs, and behind the scenes featurettes.  Most recently, we were hired to produce and direct Dapper Laughs’ first stand-up DVD shot live at the beautiful Clapham Grand Theatre in London. Other clients include Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Anchor Bay, Metrodome Media, and Microsoft. Mobley Street has previously collaborated with writer and producer Cera Rose Pickering on short film 'The Amazing Ava'.

Producers notes on this edit...

Actress and writer, Cera Rose Pickering, has taken her first leap into the world of producing to make her own winning create 50 script 'Daddy's Fort', a story that she hopes will be just as sweet as it is poignant. Cera has found a great mentor in director/producer, Laurel Parker of Mobley Street Productions, who came on board to direct the film and help walk Cera through the process of producing. Filming took place on Sunday 25th February 2018 in Hoddesdon Hertfordshire and was thoroughly enjoyed by both cast and crew alike. Many of Cera's friends and family have been involved in bringing this film to fruition - either by donating time, money, providing lighting or cooking lunch for the cast and crew. Cera also wanted to give as many friends coming up in the business the opportunity to work on this project and help them get their first credit. This production has been a real family affair and Cera hopes that sentiment will shine through in the final film.

Photos from the shoot and film

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