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First Time First Edit

written by Phil Peel, produced by The Diaz Brothers
Location: Reno, Nevada.


Based in Reno, Nevada, The Diaz Brothers has been active in Film & TV for almost 20 years. Founded in 1998, the company has developed and produced a wide range of projects, from feature films to short films, from non-­‐fiction books to graphic novels, and from music CDs to musical theater. In 2014, they co-­‐produced Josh Mitchell’s indie feature, Lack of Cockery, and their first graphic novel, The Shadow Collection, received favorable reviews that led to more publishing projects. For the last 3-­‐years, several of their short films have won many awards. Presently, they have 3 TV pilots, a feature film and 2 more books moving forward in 2017. The Diaz Brothers is in pre-production on a total of five films for The Impact.

Producers notes on this edit...

We chose First Time because Phil's script was so much fun. The Impact, as a whole, is a real downer of a project, and a majority of the Winning 50 scripts reflect that. Phil wrote something that offered some humor to help break up all the "doom and gloom" we'll be watching in the final feature film. We also had actors in mind before we finished reading the character descriptions -- we literally looked up from the script at each other and said in unison, "Fritz and Heidi!" -- and when they both agreed to star in it, we were good to go. The creative community in northern Nevada is small and tight-knit, so finding a location, assembling the crew, lining up the equipment and putting together the production was the easy part... what wasn't so easy was the content of the script itself... the nudity and sex scene between Danny and Mrs. Pringle. We don't have any experience with scenes like that, so it was a definite learning experience all the way around. In the end, though, everyone knew what was needed to finish the film, jumped in and did what had to be done and it all went very smoothly. This rough cut reflects only the edit itself. Now that it's assembled, we can concentrate on the finer details of audio correction, original music to replace the temp tracks, all the little minutiae that's involved in post production and completion. We're anxious to receive feedback, critique, input, ideas, etc., from the Create50 community. In the meantime, we're prepping the next film, out of 6 total, that goes before the cameras on the April 22nd.

Photos from the shoot and film

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