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'First Time' First Edit

written by Phil Peel, produced by The Diaz Brothers
Location: Reno, Nevada.


Based in Carson City, Nevada, they have been involved in a wide range of projects ranging from film and TV productions, original web content, publishing and music. In addition to their participation in The Impact, they’re preparing for production of a feature film and two music CDs, among other projects.

Producers notes on this edit...

We decided to start over and completely recut the film. The nudity is watered down, which we’re not terribly pleased about. We had no idea so many people would object to seeing the actor’s penis. Well, now you don’t see it anymore. This is a much tighter, shorter version than previously submitted. It flows nicely, but still isn’t the film we set to to make. Can’t win them all, can we?

Photos from the shoot and film

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