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'I'm Afraid It's Bad News' First Edit

written by Dave Stevenson, produced by Spacegoat Films
Location: Los Angeles


Spacegoat Films aims to make you laugh and make you think. We don’t always succeed, but we’ll take either-or!

Producers notes on this edit...

I really liked the concept of this script, with the role reversal that happens in the very unique context of the Impact50 framework.

The two lead actors worked really well together to play with that dynamic and we tried a number of different approaches to give us options in the editing phase.

We made some changes to the script as a result of the location and actors and we worked with the writer to get a version that we were all comfortable with, give our constraints.

For those interested in the technical aspects, this was mostly shot on a BlackMagic Pocket in 422 HQ and a Sigma 18 - 35 ART f1.8 lens.

Photos from the shoot and film

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