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'Meet Ann' First Edit

written by Tyler Pierreson, produced by BILLO
Location: London, Hampshire


BILLO is a film production company based in London. Founded by Billy Steel (Director) and Tom Loan (Producer), we are a collection of film geeks, scribblers, scrubbers, cutters, eye-candy-makers, artists, runners, and producers with a single purpose: producing great stories on screen.

Producers notes on this edit...

Having trawled through the 50+ scripts, we fell in love with World, Meet Ann immediately. We were lucky enough to discover that the screenwriter lived only a mile or so from our studio, and have since been able to collaborate with her directly in bringing WMA to the screen.

With our core (two person) cast secured, and locations ready, shooting is scheduled for the first week in April.

Photos from the shoot and film

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