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Music to Die For First Edit

written by Dee Chilton, produced by Edge21// Location: Cardiff, U.K.

Music to Die For is a beautiful script written by Dee Chilton. In addition to a poignant story, as Producers we wanted to find a script which had a 50 something character a woman can play - a character with a back story and also connection to the present. This script leapt out to us.

We filmed in Cardiff, Wales shooting on Canon 60D with Rode microphones, recording on the zoom h4n. Various lights were used. We location scouted for a while to find the right studio with the suitable glass window, though of course this created additional considerations whilst shooting due to reflections. However, as a director I wanted to bring the characters reflections into the piece which we did towards the end - bringing the idea of looking back on your life in your final moments.

The main characters are played by Grace Dixon (previous credits include Cruel Summer and DisPossess) and Luca Malacrino (previous credits include Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Mind Beyond Borders. He has also recently been selected for the BAFTA LA newcomers programme) with a sterling supporting cast of Kelly Passaro, Sunny Dhillon and Hugh Curtis.

Rebecca Hardy, filmed, edited and directed the film and co-produced alongside Actress Grace Dixon.

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Photos from the shoot and film

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