'Neverland' First Edit

Written by Kathy Barrilleaux, produced by CCS Video, Location: London

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Filmmakers notes on this edit...

The production was a real challenge because not only was it difficult to acquire roof access and get permission but because I limited the shot to just one day.

With a few measure in place to make this shot possible like leaflet dropping all the residents twice to inform them of shooting and City West Homes insisting we needed supervision on the roof meant the shot had to go ahead come rain or shine.

With most of the footage being captured outside this made me nerves as rain would have been far from ideal.

We was lucky. I was lucky not only to have the weather but to have found the most amazing team.

The auditioning process consisting of post on tobeseen.com and Facebook acting groups this lead me to three amazingly talents actors.

We got the shot done in one day mostly because the actors were complete professionals and learnt there lines and played their role like naturals.

I choose the script because it hadn't seen optioned and the visual possibilities seemed exciting.

It was made using a two Sony a7sii camera. Sound was recorded through sennheiser G3 100 clip on mics.
A zhyian crane gimbal used as well.

Aerial shots were captured with a DJI Phantom drone.

Props were all sourced by myself from charity shops and ebay.

The whisky was coloured water.
Editing done on FCPX.

Photos from the shoot and film