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'Pluto' First Edit

written by Simon Thomas, produced by Newborn Studios
Location: South Florida


Newborn Studios is based out of Broward County in South Florida. The company is co-Founded by David and Heather Chavez along with Ryan Diaz. We specialize in both photography and videography. Heather is the lead photographer and video editor for the company while David is the director and writer and Ryan is in charge of audio engineering and also writes his own music. Together they provide a personalized experience for all of their clients. Every person is treated with the goal of complete satisfaction and an amazing product all at an affordable price. With Bachelors' degrees in Film and various film awards, Newborn Studios is perfect for whatever you are looking for, whether it be a newborn photo shoot or a short film.

Producers notes on this edit...

The film struck a chord with me because of the relationship between Charlie and Pluto. Growing up I've always had a dog and have always felt I can rely on them when times are tough. We were fortunate enough to find a decent sized shed, especially in Florida. We had a crew of 9 who helped during pre-production and actual production of the film.


Photos from the shoot and film

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