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'Pluto' First Edit

written by Simon Thomas, produced by The Diaz Brothers
Location: Reno, Nevada.

Based in Reno, Nevada, The Diaz Brothers has been active in Film & TV for 20-years, during which time they have developed and produced a wide range of projects, from feature films to short films, and from non-fiction books to graphic novels. For the last 3-years, their short films have won many awards. When the production phase of The Impact ends, The Diaz Brothers will have been variously involved in a total of 10 films originating from four different production companies, all based in northern Nevada.

Producers notes on this edit...

Directed by Scott Young and Manuel Crosby, and starring Kai Nadalin as Charlie and Nara Johnson as Sarah. Shot on location in Fallon, Nevada. The Impact project, as a whole, is a real downer. The end of the world. Everyone dies. Luckily, the judges chose a few lighterhearted scripts to help break up the seriousness of the film. This is one of them. Currently in editing, but a rough cut will be on the site soon.

Photos from the shoot and film

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