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'Rock. Paper. Scissors' First Edit

written by Ben Marshall, produced by Ben Marshall
Location: Sheffield, UK


Ben Marshall (writer) produces his own script, Rock.Paper.Scissors, in collaboration with film makers James Skinner (Director, of and Robert Campbell (Director of Photography, of We are a team brought together for the Impact50 film project with performances by Anthony Billingham, Maya Marshall and Janey Marshall. We are delighted to also have on board Scottish based singer/songwriter Alex Cornish ( who will be composing and performing the music.

Producers notes on this edit...

The obvious main adaption to the original script is the use of young sisters and not brothers. Facing up to one thing possibly worse than learning the news that the world may be about to end. Having to wake up and tell their drunk angry father. With it I hope to show glimpses of human strength alongside human weakness.

Photos from the shoot and film

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