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Lullaby First Edit

written by Jane Hamer, produced by Red Squares Kino
Location: Carson City, Nevada.


Based in Carson City, Nevada, Red Squares Kino has been producing short films for the last 3-years. Plans are in the works to branch into feature films and providing original content for Internet streaming. Presently, Red Squares Kino has completed production of two films for The Impact.

Producers notes on this edit...

For one woman, news of the impact is like a gift from God. We chose this script because it has such a strong emotional appeal. For a mother, there is nothing more horrifying than the death of a child. In that perspective, the end of the world isn’t that bad. As for how the film was made, we simply called upon the resources around us - local actors, fellow filmmakers, etc. - and with the help of our production coordinator set the dates, organized the equipment and got down to business.

Regarding the film itself, we hope people will keep in mind that this is just our first rough cut. There’s still much work to be done, sound effects to be added, color and lighting to be corrected, original music added to replace the temp track and much, much more. We're really looking forward to receiving feedback from people, and to refining this film into something worthy of being selected for the final feature film.

Photos from the shoot and film

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