'Sing Mummy!' First Edit

Written by Tracey Parsons, produced by Enni Red, Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Filmmakers notes on this edit...

We shot this film in one day on the wood road in 90 km from
Saint-Petersburg (Russia). We were using Blackmagic Production Cinema 4K
camera, quadrocopter DJI Phantom 3, and action camera GoPro HERO 3+
Black Edition. We are going to edit the film in Adobe Premiere CC and
grade it in DaVinci Resolve 14. Our challenge in post-production is
going to be colour-grading to change late autumn to spring.

The entire production and post-production team is Russian and it looks
like we are the first Russian team in this initiative. It was great to
work with the only British person in our team - the writer Tracey
Parsons, who was very enthusiastic and supportive in collaboration and
redrafted her script for us, following director's comments. For the
comfort of the crew, the production script was translated into Russian.

Wonderful actress Irina Vinogradova was the first person whom producer
Enni Red approached when she was thinking about this film. Irina is a
mother of two boys so it was heartbreaking for her to imagine herself in
the situation of not being able to see her kids in her last hours. Only
after Irina agreed to create the character called Emma, all the
pre-production started. It took a month to build a team and prepare for

We start post-production in December and looking forward to new
collaborations with editor, sound designer, and composer.


Photos from the shoot and film