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'Sing, Mummy!' First Edit

written by Tracey Parsons, produced by Lomond Films
Location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I've previously made a number of short films, generally for 48 hour film competitions so I wanted something I could take my time over, plan properly and give it some care and attention.

For this film, I was fortunate enough to collaborate for the first time with actor Vanessa Giuliani and composer David Donaldson.

Vanessa has experience of working in theatre, feature films, BBC drama and a number of shorts and is currently writing a contemporary theatre script.

David has programmed, co-produced and provided additional arrangements on over 18 films and various television, commercial and artistic projects. In 2005 he won a Grammy Award for producing and engineering the soundtrack for “Ray”, a biopic about the life of Ray Charles.

It was a pleasure to be able to work with both of them. I was very lucky.

Producers notes on this edit...

I've always been a fan of Tracey's work and loved the powerful simplicity of the script. I could see it in my head almost immediately and thought the Scottish countryside would be the perfect backdrop for the film.

Having an 8 month old daughter, time is short so the fact there was only one actor was also an advantage. Location scouting was fun, driving around rural Scotland whilst Izzy had nap time in her car seat in the back.

Photos from the shoot and film

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