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A young production company started up for the purposes of producing 'The Watchers' owned by David F. Jacobson.
The cast and crew of the film range from experienced professionals to film students and university graduates to complete beginners. However, the shoot went very smoothly with many senior crew members complimenting the professional yet relaxed working environment.

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The Watchers, written by David Jacobson, produced by Siege Entertainment

Filmmakers: Four astronauts on board the ISS receive news of a deadly asteroid heading towards Earth. The film explores their reaction to knowing that in just over 90 minutes, everyone they've ever known will be dead and they'll be stuck floating 400km above the planet. WATCH FILM (COMING SOON)

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Why I’m making a film for Create50 and you should too!

About two months ago, I began pre-production on my latest short film, which we aim to enter into the Impact50. Yes, I know the official filmmaking rules haven’t yet been announced, but if there’s one key piece of advice I’ve picked up from the Create50 and London Screenwriters’ Festival community it’s that you should be out there doing it NOW!
Not one day, some day. But now! (To borrow Chris’s words.)

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