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Phase Two Micro Screenwriter and Filmmaker Challenges for Impact50

Want to get involved? The next steps to take...


1. Read the scripts HERE and choose one.

2. Option the script from us HERE.

3. Make your film, edit it and make it the best you can.

4. Send us the link to your film on Vimeo.

5. We add it to the site and you get feedback from writers and filmmaker peers.

6. Re-edit, re-mix, even re-shoot bits of your film if you like and resubmit an improved version.

7. Offer feedback on other films submitted.

8. Once the process closes we will be in touch about the films we will feature in the final feature length film.

9. Come to the premiere!


This process will take place over a year or so. We keep dates and deadlines flexible as this is a creative process and our goal first and foremost is to make a cracking feature film that will secure distribution and reach audiences.


Ted Tally - Screenwriter
Oscar winner for ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ MORE.

Nicole Perlman - Screenwriter
'Guardians Of The Galaxy'. Enough said. MORE.

Simon Kinberg - Screenwriter
'Star Wars' Episode VII and more... MORE.

Iain Smith - Producer
'Mad Max: Fury Road'... MORE.

Lisa Albert - Screenwriter and Producer
All eight seasons of 'Mad Men'... MORE.

Ashley Pharaoh - Veteran TV
Producer and writer of 'Life On Mars'... MORE.

William Nicholson - Screenwriter
Oscar nominee for 'Gladiator'... MORE.

'The Impact' Core Team include...

Joe Eszterhas - Screenwriter
Writer of the opening script to 'The Impact’... MORE.

Chris Jones - Create50 founder, team leader
Filmmaker and entrepreneur... MORE.

David Nicholas Wilkinson - Distributor
Heading up distribution... MORE.

Gub Neal - Executive Producer
Former Head of Drama at Ch4... MORE.

Eddie Hamilton - Consultant Editor
'Mission: Impossible'... MORE

Tina McFarling - Consulting Publicist
PR powerhouse in the UK film industry... MORE.

‘I admired all fifty five of the winning screenplays enormously and it is practically impossible to pick one favourite.’
Ted Tally, Impact50 screenplay judge and
Oscar Winner for ‘Silence Of The Lambs’

'The Impact' Judges include...

'My favourite was actually perhaps the simplest one: MORE. i like the simplicity and clean emotionality of the storytelling, and how we all turn to children in moments of fear. It felt real and honest and like it packed a lot of emotion into so little time.’
Simon Kinberg, Impact50 Judge and Screenwriter / Producer ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

‘He Who Is Without Sin had a great twist as well as a mini-redemption arc, masterfully-fit into such a short amount of screen time.’
Nicole Perlman, Impact 50 judge and
Screenwriter ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

What to do next?

You should read the 50 scripts* (the scripts are HERE), select one and then option it using the red MAKE FILM button at the top of this page. Once you have the script you can make your film and submit it for peer review and final judging. You can submit re-edits based on feedback.

Remember if you want to make a Wild Card film you must first produce a script from the 50 winners...


Do you want to be part of a global feature film project?


A story that will deeply move audiences worldwide who watch the final feature film?


Then join the Impact50 project and community.

Premise... A civilisation-destroying meteor, heading towards Earth, is discovered by NASA. Its terrifying, devastating and inevitable impact is announced by the 46th and final US president, played by Olivia Williams.


With only two hours left for humankind, what would happen?



If you think you can write a script or make a world class micro film, then get involved in Phase Two of The Impact50.


Phase One invited filmmakers to shoot one of 55 scripts that won the Screenwriting phase of The Impact50. 


Watch those selected films HERE.


The best of the final films will be edited together to make an extraordinary feature film for cinema, TV and online.


There is NO creative barrier to entry - select a script written for the challenge, or write your own. 

Create50 is not just a competition, it's a creative community and self-taught film school.

This will be our second feature film produced through the Create50 process. The first, '50 Kisses', was premiered in February 2014, netting the second biggest box office of a UK film in the week of release. It's now online and you can watch at


Meet the 46th and Final President of the United States

The final film will begin with a short but powerful announcement to the planet by the President of the United States. This script has been written by Hollywood legend and highest paid screenwriter of all time Joe Eszterhas. We are filming it in the coming weeks with a top secret cast and crew.


Come and Celebrate! Awards Categories for ‘The Impact:50’

At the premiere and awards, we will announce the winners as selected by our panel of industry judges. The categories include...

  • Best Screenplay Award
  • Best Performance
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Music
  • Best Song
  • Best Sound Design
  • Guerilla Film Award
  • Best Director Award
  • Best Film Award
  • Audience Award To Be Announced

Phase two screenwriting challenge opens in...

‘50 Kisses’ has shown that collaboration on a global scale is possible and it can yield beautiful and cohesive results. It pushed us all to deliver to a very high standard and then to give ourselves up to unpredictable, exciting and possibly brilliant interpretations of our work. Witnessing so many different interpretations of my script, being part of such a large project and collaborating with people from all over the world was extraordinarily rewarding.
Nigel KariKari, Screenwriter (Australia)

'After being selected I was contacted by producers, agents, directors and became friends with plenty of my fellow 50 kisses writers/directors. One of those producers was ‘50 Kisses’ director Stare Yildirim who I ended up writing a TV Pilot for, for Turkish TV. This was my first ever paid writing gig and it came out of the exposure my 50 Kisses script got. Between the paid writing gig and the huge 50 Kisses world premiere I got to take a peek at my future.'
Stephen Cooper, Screenwriter (UK)

‘I take my hat off to Chris, Judy and their hardworking team. What they achieved on a shoestring is incredible - give them a little bit of funding, help and support and they'd blow our minds!’
Mark Pallis, Screenwriter, ’50 Kisses’