The Impact50 Is A Crowd Created Feature Film Project

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CLOSED: Write a new two page script, or rewrite your past entry and submit to the process...

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Watch and feedback on films submitted. The best will be edited into a world class feature film to be shown in theaters, online and on TV.

Can you write and / or shoot a micro short to be part of an apocalyptic feature film? (NOW CLOSED)

  • If you are a writer, can you write a two page script? More HERE...
  • If you are a filmmaker, can you make a short based on a two page script, or write your own? More HERE...
  • Want to watch the films that successfully made it through Phase One? More HERE...
  • Read more about the Impact50 story world and timeline HERE...
  • The story of phase one... HERE...

The best films will be cut into a world class feature film for cinema, festivals, TV, steaming and online. Watch the phase one trailer below...


NOTE... As ALL scripts are available for production, and filmmakers can write their own scripts also, there will be no official 'winning scripts'.


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  • Read scripts, leave feedback, write your own and submit... More HERE.
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  • Watch films, maybe even make your own...
  • See you at the premiere!

Watch Some Films Uploaded to Impact50

'The Travelers' written by Matt Giannini, produced by Silverbird Productions Ltd

Recut - 30.06.18 // Marty is forced to convince his skeptical brother, Paul, that he has a first-class ticket off the planet before the destruction.


'T-Minus' written by Carolyn Goodyear, produced by Adrian G. De la Pena

Recut - 30.06.18 // A boy and his mum are in their homemade spaceship awaiting lift off for their holiday to heaven.


'White Liar', written by Ben Mole, produced by Core Films

Saying goodbye is as important as hearing it. 


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Impact50 Update… The End Is In Sight

So, it’s been a long time.


We had an actual apocalypse. Who knew.


First up, I want to assure you I am 100% committed to getting Impact50 completed.


The reasons it has taken way longer than any of us ever expected are many and complex, but can really be boiled down to a few simple bullet points and I will expand on these in a later post.

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How does Create50 Work?

What writers and filmmakers say about Create50 and 50 Kisses

‘50 Kisses’ opened the doors for my first time exhibiting a film in a festival, the first time going through an entire creative process, the first time people looking at me like I could really be a filmmaker. But more than this, showed me what we can achieve if we join forces and work toward our goals.
Carolina Rodrigues, Filmmaker (Brazil)

'It has been amazing to be part of something so global. As a result of ‘50 Kisses’ I have met and collaborated with filmmakers, screenwriters, producers and agents from around the globe.'
Jo Buckman, Screenwriter (America)

'After I put my film entry up on the ‘50 Kisses’ website I got all this wonderful and constructive feedback from other ‘50 Kisses’ filmmakers and I could then re-edit and improve the film before the deadlines closed. Over the 2 years of the project I have met so many other filmmakers, actors and writers in the 50K community and it’s spun off into so many other projects.'
Phil Peel, Filmmaker (UK)

'The breadth of opportunities available are vast if you’re willing to accept the challenge. I was part of a team distributing '50 Kisses' commercially which, as a writer, was invaluable in understanding audience, the importance of concept and how a film is marketed. It will certainly effect how I view my own writing projects going forward.'
Tracey Flynn, Screenwriter, ‘50 Kisses’ (UK)

Watch the video from the recent Twisted50 Launch Party and Awards

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