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Behind the Scenes - 'In Vino Veritas' by Flickering Wick Productions

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'Francis of Fell End Farm' - My Journey from Writer to Director

As ‘Francis of Fell End Farm’ is now going through post-production, I think back over the past year since I decided to film the script.

I knew that my script presented challenges to anyone interested in filming it: Find a suitable farm location, an actor who could work with a collie - or a farmer able to work with a collie and act well enough - and a collie who would not experience ‘film fright’ when confronted by a team of people and their equipment.


As the judges for the competition said, they expected that it would be adapted.

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Pre-Production and Filming of 'Silent Ruin' Produced by 2JayProductions

When myself Jaye (producer) and Jonah (director) decided to option one of the Impact Scripts we instantly fell in love with Silent Ruin written by Chris Vanderhorst. We were impressed by the way it was written, and thought it quite unique that the end of the world was played out using different sounds.

The two characters in the screenplay are deaf, and use sign language. We did not want to employ hearing actors who could just be taught the signs.  To make the story really live we needed deaf actors, so the task began to find two deaf actors to play Viviana and Marcus.

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First Russian Team Creating a FIlm for the Impact50!

By the moment I entered the international team of Impact50 I had produced three shorts. However, I have never produced a short film, which was not made from my own screenplay. This was my first try.

I read all the winning scripts, but it was hard to choose which one to produce, as I was searching a script with an easy location, minimum actors and ideally no dialogue, as I was going to shoot it in Russia. “Sing, Mummy!” by Tracey Parsons was ideal fit for my needs. And I really loved the script from the first read.

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Impact50… The Countdown Has Begun… 100 days left to make your film

In just over 100 days, the Impact50 filmmaking challenge will close.Closing date is April 30th at midnight UK time.


Can you make a short film from a two page script about the end of the world?


If so, invest a weekend and become part of the Impact50 feature film challenge.


Teams from around the world have begun optioning scripts and making their films now, many of which you can watch on the site.


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Watch 'Rub A Dub Dub, Two Men In A Tub' produced by NH Communications Ltd

Losing our main farm location with less than 48 hours before film day we held it together (just) through head scratching, frantic phone calls (remember those?), and seven coffees, managing to find another location just in time.

We liked the gentle humour of Zara’s script and felt that both Omar – who we had seen giving excellent comedy performances – and Simon - who had a background in comedic acting – would be great for this kind of material.


We brought them together for a full rehearsal, hiring a room at a local hotel, and it was clear that they had an instant rapport.

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Making 'The Travellers' by Spacegoat Films

Making 'The Travellers' represented somewhat of a milestone for me as it is pretty much the first film I have made/directed that I have NOT written myself.

This definitely presented a number of challenges for me, but made the process more enjoyable as a result!

Usually, pre-production for me is fairly straightforward as I have the whole film and concept mapped out thoroughly in my head from the writing process.

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Help Cera Rose Pickering Hit Her Goal on IndieGoGo for Impact50 film Daddy’s Fort

Long term supporter of Impact50 and Create50, and super talented screenwriter and actress Cera Rose Pickering is taking control of her own destiny and producing her own Impact50 screenplay.


She has a cast and crew in place and needs only raise the final £800 for production. I have just backed it and if you would like to back it too, here’s the link…

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It's a wrap... on 'No Connection, Try Again Later' by Scott Young

This morning at about 11:15, after a very early start, director Xander Borg called, "It's a wrap!" on 'No Connection, Try Again Later' for The Impact.


I had the great pleasure of acting as one of the producers and getting to work with him and actor Trevor Young (no relation to me!), as well as cinematographer Aaron Franke, whose footage looks amazing as I sit here reviewing it tonight.


Jaye Swift provided us with a great script to work from, and I can only hope when she sees our version of her film she'll be happy with how it turns out.

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Inside The Piano Shop Is Now Live On The Impact50 Website!

This is the first HOS project - a short film from the Lisa Parry script and part of the Impact50 initiative.


Watch the film HERE.

Although short, this script required a fantastic location, and we found one in J Reid Pianos in north London. Casting and auditions also went extremely well, and Sarah Eastwood and Ian McCurrach were a perfect fit for Jackie and Sergei.

We're also very excited to have a completely original piece of music composed by Konstantinos Lyrakis just for this film.

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Look at BTS stills from Crazy Cat Lady produced by Bitting Owl! for #Impact50

That's a wrap! We had an amazing last shoot for Crazy Cat Lady (written by Carrie Wachob) at Seattle Meowtropolitan.


Cats, cats, and more cats!


Our cast and crew worked hard and we're excited to jump into editing.


Draft of film coming soon...

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Paul W Franklin: Filming ‘East Valley Rhinos’

Of all my creative projects, I find that the ones that turn out the best are the ones that I feel a personal connection to.

East Valley Rhinos’ is a sweet tale about some rugby players who go to rescue an injured teammate from hospital. Having played rugby myself, it instantly grabbed me … and I knew I had to make it.

More than any sport that I’ve ever played, rugby has by far the strongest team bonding; that sense of camaraderie, of ‘brotherhood’.

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Inside the Piano Shop produced by Hyperobject Studio

This is the first HOS project - a short film from the Lisa Parry script and part of the Impact50 initiative.

Although short, this script required a fantastic location, and we found one in J Reid Pianos in north London. Casting and auditions also went extremely well, and Sarah Eastwood and Ian McCurrach were a perfect fit for Jackie and Sergei.

We're also very excited to have a completely original piece of music composed by Konstantinos Lyrakis just for this film.

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New Film Produced by Spacegoat Films!

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New Film Submitted by the Playview Productions!

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5 Things I Have Learned As A First-Time Producer by Kim L. Wheeler

Someone once told me that one of the best ways to improve my own writing was to produce a film. “Yeh, that’s not gonna happen,” I laughed. “I wouldn't know where to start!”

Then came along Create50’s ‘The Impact’ Initiative which offers 50 writers the chance to have their own screenplays put out to producers. I entered six scripts and sat back, getting more and more excited as first the long list was announced, then the short list, then the winners.

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What scripts have been optioned and produced?

How many times has a script been optioned or produced?

We now have data on the scripts that have been optioned and those that have been fully produced.


We do know many more are ‘cooking’ around the globe, and also many wildcard films have been optioned and or produced. We will update this chart as and when new options or productions come online.


Let’s see how this evolves! Exciting! (it will be updated on the STATS page on the menu above.

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The Impact50 Formally Launches Today! Can you make a short film?

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Impact50 Updates… The Film Challenge Is Open!

Join our Social Media Thunderclap here for the launch of The Impact50 film challenge next week.


Feature filmmaking is an intensely laborious and slow process… and The Impact50 hasn’t bucked that trend! But we are SUPER EXCITED to announce the next major phase in the process is about to launch!

So… April 19th is the date we launch!

The new Impact50 website is now up and pretty much 100% there. Check it out here

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Lullaby written by Jane Hamer, Produced by Red Squares Kino

Directed by Natalia Filson under her Red Squares Kino production company, the film Lullaby written by Jane Hamer is now in post production.




Pictures below:


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Write at the end by Ryan Harris

As the asteroid dust begins to settle, we can now look back at the impact50 competition that left a lot of us with a real emotional impact, some good some bad.

For me personally the competition represented another lifeline after years of trial and error & error & error...

With the impending feeling that maybe writing is not for me after all... combined with all those voices of people echoing there pennies worth "Hairy fairy career" , "what are you going to do for a real job" , "its good but not what we're looking for right now" , if you've ever written you've surely heard some of these, unless you're incredibly lucky.

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Stills from one of the first Impact 50 films…

A number of filmmakers have begun making Impact 50 films to test the site. To be clear, we have not yet launched the filmmaking stage. But you may have also seen that a number of filmmakers have started making films for The Impact 50 ahead of the official launch.

This is to help us test the system once it’s completed. We expect that to be finalised for testing in around a week.

After a week or two of tweaks I am sure we will be ready to launch The Impact 50, The Film Making Phase… Buckle up, it’s going to be epic!

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Why I’m making a film for Create50 and you should too!

About two months ago, I began pre-production on my latest short film, which we aim to enter into the Impact50. Yes, I know the official filmmaking rules haven’t yet been announced, but if there’s one key piece of advice I’ve picked up from the Create50 and London Screenwriters’ Festival community it’s that you should be out there doing it NOW!
Not one day, some day. But now! (To borrow Chris’s words.)

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Impact50 Has A New Website!

Today we launch the new Impact50 website for the filmmaking and final release and distribution phase of the project.


We are in open beta phase so do expect a few hiccups and broken links – if you find any, drop Viktoria and email ( and we will get it sorted.


From here you can read all the 55 winning scripts and watch films that have been submitted. You can also submit your own films too.

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