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'Make a Wish', written by Anna Kumacheva, produced by Enni Red

Recut - 30.06.18 // When the life of the whole humanity is under horrible threat, parents make a desperate decision to save their beloved daughter.


'Music to Die For', written by Dee Chilton, produced by Natasha Marburger Productions

Recut - 29.06.18 // Our best friends are there for us at the end... even the invisible ones.


'Need To Know Basis' by Adrenaline-Fuelled, Sleep-Deprived, Caffeinated Pictures

It occurred to me that North Korea is probably the only country in the world where the news wouldn't be published and I thought that would be an interesting situation for British Consulate employees to find themselves in. I believe our government would try to inform all employees so they would be some of the few people in the know. There is a curfew in many parts of North Korea I understand so as relatively minor employees in their own home in the middle of the night, they would be stuck.


'Out With A Bang...' By Emma Baggott

An asteroid is about to hit earth, destroying all life. With only 97 minutes left until impact, Chloe and Daniel decide to lose their virginity to each other.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last as long as expected, and they must an endure a rather awkward 5 minutes as they wait for the final bang. 


'Prime Meridian' by Inigo Productions

Inigo Productions tells original and compelling stories with complex, intriguing female protagonists at their heart.


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