'I Love You' by Andrew Viner

A telephone engineer works valiantly so that people can still call each other with messages of love. But is there one for him?

'I Love You' by Andrew Viner Draft 002
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    Tom J Hingley (Saturday, 05 January 2019 14:21)

    Hi Andrew

    Really like this and can see it being very cinematic. The computer screen stuff would come across very well and so would the relationship of the two characters. However, you have 2 and a half pages of script so it is out with the scissors to get it down to 2 pages to make sure you are within the rules.
    I would take out what is not essential to Sophie - touching doll, Christmas chat etc and reduce variations on "I love you" message, even though you may feel they are essential!!

    Best of luck


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'I Love You' by Andrew Viner Draft 001
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