'Last Broadcast' by Chris Mitchell

A news anchor elects to stay on the air to count down the minutes until impact.

'Last Broadcast' by Chris Mitchell
002-055 'Last Broadcast' by Chris Mitche
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    Eileen Wilson (Wednesday, 13 February 2019 18:11)

    Dear Chris
    I like the idea of the one person, one room set up. I think it would make it cheaper to make in a lot of respects too.
    At the start I would begin at '...a short but violent...' to lead in as it says it all in a nutshell.
    I think the 'composed and professional' implies his dress, so would leave it at that. It might say more about him if he did actually loosen his tie and undo a button as his only chance to relax before he dies, if he's been buttoned up, as it were, for so long. (See comment at the end.)
    I would stop at 'Call in' and leave the 'if you have time'. If he wants to put people at ease, it would be said as in other news shows.
    'The consoles abandoned' reads better too.
    When he says he'll continue to broadcast for 28 minutes etc. You could say 'and more if we survive'. Is he a glass full, or empty guy?
    When you see the empty studio might be time for him to either professional up by straightening his posture, tie etc, or undo his collar, take a hip-flask etc then. You could show a lot about his state of mind and how he wants to present himself.
    Hope that helps,