'Silent Ruin' by Chris Vanderhorst

A deaf couple discusses what the end might sound like.

'Silent Ruin' by Chris Vanderhorst
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    Paul Rapley (Thursday, 18 April 2019 13:05)

    I'm not sure why nobody's commented on this. Maybe because it's such an imaginative look into what most presently-hearing readers would consider a niche experience (have you an acquaintance with people with hearing loss?).
    As you'll have to use actors who are expert at sign language (credibility is important here), perhaps you could consult them for scripting suggestions.
    Of course, I'm writing this completely ignorant of your own knowledge in this area.

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    jayeswift@zoho.com (Sunday, 28 April 2019 20:07)

    We made this film using deaf actors and a British Language Interpreter. The film failed to get chosen by the judges and has gone on to do really well in film festivals.

    Live and let live.