'The Survivalist' by Chris Mitchell

A man who has spent years preparing for the end of the world finally gets what he always wanted.

'The Survivalist' by Chris Mitchell
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  • Currently not optioned.

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    PWF (Tuesday, 04 June 2019 19:04)

    This isn't really aimed at the filmmakers, but I just saw the film and remembered I'd read the script... and it says it hasn't been optioned.

    Is there any record of which scripts have been optioned/produced? Would be good to see as there are others who might want to make the same film!


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    Michael van Koetsveld (Wednesday, 01 May 2019 10:03)

    Love the whole thing. Comment below would enhance the ending.

    Go make it!

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    Matt George Lovett (Thursday, 07 March 2019 12:12)

    Hey Chris,

    Loved this idea bud, real nice injection of light-hearted comedy into the situation. In particular I like how it's virtually dialogue-free, most of the storytelling is visually done. Great work.

    My only suggestion would be you can push the ending a bit more. I don't think you need the note 'company' written out, the empty cot (and maybe other items designed for two, board games etc) sells that on it's own.

    And as a suggestion, what if you push the ending on for twenty seconds. So rather than him sealing himself in and THEN realising he's forgotten company, the door is open but he only has a few minutes to find company - he's town between his desire and time pressure. He could go outside and yell out for someone, anyone, to come join him. Maybe he even sees someone in the distance, and he's torn between running to get them (and risk not making it back to the bunker in time)? Just a thought.

    Great work man, this one could be a cracking short,


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'The Survivalist' by Chris Mitchell
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