'UK Space Agency' by Catherine Williams LATEST DRAFT

As her parents despair, Sadie has a great idea of how to survive the blast.

'UK Space Agency' by Catherine Williams
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    Michael van Koetsveld (Thursday, 02 May 2019 21:31)

    Hi Catherine,

    This version really works and leaves me with a satisfyingly reassured feeling that Sadie was so busy helping with her idea right to the end that she wouldn't even have realised it had arrived. Lovely work.

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    Emma Pullar (Monday, 11 March 2019 14:41)

    Oh my heart. What an emotional story. I would do the same with my kids.

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    Bruce Thomas (Saturday, 09 February 2019 23:26)

    hey, another great script. i think of your scripts this might be my fav. i dunno why it resonated with me. always a pleasure to read you work. bruce

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    Craig Warren (Saturday, 09 February 2019 11:46)

    Hi Catherine, I enjoyed this script too. From those I've read there's quite a few scripts that feature the impact, and I'm wondering if it's actually necessary at the end at all. By not featuring it, it might make it easier to be made, more likely to be optioned and included. Anyway, just a thought.

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    Sian Rowland (Thursday, 07 February 2019 12:33)

    This is such a lovely script. I love the idea of parents wanting to protect their child right up to the last moment. I could really see the last shot as the whole family holding hands looking upwards, hope in their faces. Hope it gets made!

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    Anthony Barclay (Wednesday, 06 February 2019 22:03)

    I, too, really enjoyed this story, and was touched by the idea of presenting Sadie with hope. The Space Station is a lovely idea and a great distraction from the imminent blast. My concern is also with the fact that Sadie was apart from her parents when the blast hits; I think you'd be hard-pressed not to take your loved ones in your arms for the last time, to protect them (a fruitless exercise, I know, under the circumstances), but I don't believe you'd be able to help yourself.
    Nevertheless, the scenes are touching and heartfelt. Lovely work.

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    catherine williams (Wednesday, 30 January 2019 13:08)

    Hi Carmen
    Thanks for this feedback. I need to work harder to make clear that the mum is upset because she feels she can't do anything to help her daughter - but then by the end, having this fantasy solution - the daughter keeping busy and focussed on 'getting away' - is their way of helping her... Will have a tinker! cx

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    Carmen Radtke (Monday, 28 January 2019 12:24)

    Great emotional story! I’m only wondering why they don’t embrace Sadie in the end as well. I know she thinks she’s clearing a landing pad, but it ends with her isolated from her parents, the way she is in the beginning.

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'UK Space Agency' by Catherine Williams
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